Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

E. has just been full of smiles lately. Happy as can be. She wakes up in a super good mood and it lasts for majority of the day. I am getting better at being able to document her smiles. This is picture is only partially crooked. Big improvement, huh?
Emerson has become increasingly interested in toys. So anytime I find that she loves something I want her to have it. :) I don't think obsession starts with children, it starts with the parents wanted to make their kids happy. I just love seeing her excited about something. So the latest toy she tried to steal from her cousin Avery. So I figured to keep the peace we should get her very own glow seahorse. It's so cute and plays some soothing music with a water noise in the background. E. loves to put the horse because it of course is super soft and cuddly. Next up hopefully will be a crawl ball. Our neighbor has one and it's the coolest thing. It has all kinds of buttons, noises, etc. and moves around the floor.
Of course the seahorse doesn't always guarantee smiles.
But, feet surely do! This is her favorite past time. This is a modified version. They are usually at her head.
The swing had gotten boring to Emerson so I attached the toys to it. The problem is she just wants to put them in her mouth, throwing herself forward. Luckily it still puts her to sleep. It just looks kind of painful doesn't it? If you are wondering she really is passed out here. At least she had the strength to hold on a bit. :) You may or may not have noticed I have a new etsy shop. (The link is in the sidebar). It's my attempt to be a SAHM yet not be broke. Ha. It's still a work in progress but tell everyone you know as I'm still awaiting my first sale!

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