Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We're still here. Busy with this and that. Here's what we have been up to in iPhone pictures. Maybe eventually I'll get a real post up.

Packed an Operation Christmas Child Box. 

Played with the neighborhood gang. 

Ezra had a full belly

We hung out with Uncle Josh

I went Black shopping with the crazies. I guess I'm one of them.
Picked out a Christmas tree with Aunt Reba

Got a Christmas tree! But, waited a week to decorate it.

Had a concrete patio picnic

Welcomed a new niece/cousin.

Baked the delicious red velvet cookies

Had a park playdate with good friends

Emerson perfected her posing style

We saw Santa

Read a couple books

Went to Disney on Ice 

Ezra liked Goofy the best
Emerson liked Merida and wondered where Cinderella was.

Then we rested a bit

I'm glad he doesn't have trouble relaxing.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ezra 19 months old


Ezra is nineteen months old and like any good mother I realized he was 19 months a couple days after the fact. These months seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Ezra is a busy boy, full of life. Last week he weighed in at almost 24lbs. I don't even think Emerson was 24lbs at the beginning of this summer. This month his language has really developed. He now says, "What's that?," about a 100 times a day. His other phrases include where's Daddy?, I want food, I want (cereal, orange, apple, etc.), No Mia, Let me see, and I'm sure plenty others that aren't coming to mind. He is starting to get in that defiant age of tantrums and fits. All the fun things that come with approaching two. He has also started fighting back to Emerson and voicing his opinion. Finally, he has started using the actual word no. When he doesn't get his way he will cross his arms and make an over-exaggerated pout.  It really just makes me laugh more than anything. 

He has excellent pronunciation on most things but for some reason after starting out saying "apple," he now says "bapple." When he says "hair," and "here" it's the same word. A very country sounding pronunciation. Not only does he point out body parts but he can say them as well. His favorite is eye, combined with a poke to the eye. He makes his own jokes, then lets out a fake laugh afterwards. It's so funny to watch because he thinks he's hysterical. 

 Since he turned one he has cut 11 teeth. Which might explain why he still doesn't sleep through the night. He still is an great eater. His mature palette includes an appreciation for rutabagas. 
He still is a sweet, affectionate boy. He always makes sure to blow kisses and say night, night to everyone even the dog. It blow my mind to think two years ago we were finding out that we were having a boy! I couldn't even begin to imagine what a blessing he would be.
Proof of his growing up way to fast. This was roughly 7 months ago. Seriously?!?
And a year ago… Look at the precious bald head. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Winterpast Farms

A couple we made a visit to Winterpast Farms. It's a fun little farm you where you can stop by and feed the animals. We brought some apples, carrots, and cabbage to feed everyone. Ezra fed himself, while Emerson and our friend Ben fed the animals. There were donkeys, goats, and alpaca who greeted us when we arrived. A funny little pig followed us around begging for food. Ezra was terrified of the pig. She had such a wrinkly face you couldn't even see her eyes. I guess since all the animals were at eye level it was a little more intimidating. Someone even dropped off a turtle while were there. You can see the kids in the trunk of the van checking it out. 
I had heard about the farm initially when Emerson held a bunny at the mall from Winterpast Farms. You can even rent a bunny from the farm for a week, cage and all. So I knew the bunnies would be a big hit again. They were so fluffy with long plush fur. Emerson was a little skittish with the bunny tickling her with it's claws. 

Everyday I learn something new about Ezra. I thought for sure my sweet boy go crazy for a cute little bunny. He hated it. I dare say he was even grossed out by the bunny. Of all animals not to like!

But, I wasn't prepared for what happened next when Ezra pushed his poor bunny on the ground. 

After our tour we had a packed lunch. The kids also found a see saw to jump onto. It was more Ezra's speed than bunny holding. We had a fun morning and plan to go back soon!

Lastly here are two of our feathered friends. On the left is Farmer Mary's young peacock, Justin Beiber.  On the right, is a guinea. At first I thought they were kissing so I took a picture. But, then afterwards I realized they were rather annoyed with each other. Oops!

Friday, November 16, 2012

They actually like each other!

Last week I turned around and saw this from the kitchen. I immediately thought they were wrestling and torturing each other. But, much to my surprise they were voluntarily hugging. 

It melted my heart.

Then after Ezra had been scaring Emerson by roaring and chasing her, (I had to admit it mad me laugh) he realized his damage and kept running after her to hug her. As to apologize for really startling her. It was so sweet. I love to see a glimpse of their bond together in the midst of the craziness. Happy Friday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

We may be a little into the world of Rapunzel. Quotes from Emerson...

"I have to go get my paintbrush so I can paint the walls!"

"Emerson put your shoes back on."   Emerson, "But, Rapunzel doesn't wear shoes outside."

"I'm going to cut my hair." Unfortunately already happened

"I gotta go get my frying pan so I can hit Ezra."

"Rapunzel's mother is so nice." If you have seen the movie you know that Mother Gothel is anything but nice. Ha!

"Mommy, are you really my mother?"

Rapunzel, at first glance you look so innocent. But, painting the walls, hitting with pans, and cutting your hair aren't going to fly in our house.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ezra 18 months Old

Could he be the most handsome 18 month old in the world? Yes, yes he could. I've been waiting for so long to take "real" pictures of Ezra. So when I had a fancy lens rental I set out on a mission. But, after 5 minutes Ezra was sweating despite my efforts to capture his lovely locks. Although I suppose this way it shows exactly how he is at this stage. Sweaty, messy, and always sporting a boo boo. I figured I would give a few facts about Ezra at 18 months to keep us up to date.

-He finally started calling me Mommy instead of Daddy.He thinks stickers heal boo boos and if he gets a sticker on his hand for fun he thinks he has been hurt. He loves to eat and is quiet adventurous. 

-He will try most things I make and has an affinity for strong flavors such as garlic and curry. 

-His favorite snack lately is cashews, peanuts, and spicy pumpkin seeds. 

-He always surprises me with his new favorites! A new word that he uses quiet often is cereal. 

-He enjoys cereal with milk, making a mess, or maybe both. 

-He just had his first haircut.

-Ezra is starting to show a preference for what he wears. He really likes to wear a pair of socks from yellowstone with moose on it. But, since we are missing one he wears one striped sock with it. He really, really likes it that way. 

-Every morning he asks for my coffee. The answer hasn't changed but he still asks. 

-He tells me has to go potty and is really convinced he is potty trained. So much so that he thinks diapers are optional. 

-He likes to go streaking.

He thinks he is too old for a highchair, booster chair, etc. 

He is a big climber. 

He has grown up so much since April I can't imagine what the next 6 months holds.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Day for the Boys

A couple weeks ago The Durham Bulls had a fanfest at the stadium where you could come and check everything out. Mark took Ezra and they had a day for just the boys. They got to check-out inside the locker room....

The dug-out

And explore the field.

Ezra practiced his impressive baseball skills

Taking it all in. 

Catch Dad!

They were treated to a complimentary lunch. Which I think for Ezra meant chips. :)

Ezra even learned how to move the ball with his mind. Just kidding. Ha! It does look that way though.
Ezra had a great time and even scored a cool baseball cap. One of our friends who use to play for the Bulls but, now plays Pro for the Tampa Rays was there and signed Ezra's hat. I'm sure he will appreciate that later.  What a little stud in his polo and cap. Everyone had a great time!

Friday, October 19, 2012

18 month cuteness

I could just eat this boy up with a spoon. Blue eyes, and blonde wavy hair. He's dreamy for sure. 

Sister helped to "make him happy" so I could get a few smiley shots. 


Still none of his infamous cheeseball grin but adorable none the less.

Seriously, what is that look? He's probably thinking, "You girls are crazy!"

Apparently being shirtless makes him happy. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sneak Peak

Dorothy...Coming Halloween 2012