Friday, June 29, 2012

The End of Dance Season

A full year of dance flew by before we knew it and it was the last day of dance class. I wanted to document the occasion but of course I got no eye contact.

But, she did allow me to put a hair clip in.  It made it about half way through class so I was very impressed! On her last day we got to sit through the entire class and see what they had learned. Emerson got quite a bit of stage fright and didn't love everyone staring. 
Here is her final dance.  It made me very glad she wasn't in the recital this year. But, I'm hopefully that by next year she will be comfortable on stage. By the way it's hard to film with a steady hand and keep a certain toddler from rushing the "stage."

In her class when the stretch, the make a butterfly and go around the circle telling where their butterfly is going. It cracked me up because Emerson had the most elaborate, long response about princesses and castles. It was very creative I'll give her that!

It was a great year and Emerson loved her teacher. All the girls became good friends and we decided to register them all together next year in Ms. Kristen's class again! How fun! So Emerson will get to see her friends in September and will be sporting new tap shoes in addition to ballet. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dance Party

I've been terrible about taking pictures of the kids lately. So I made a point the other week to take some snapshots of our day. I had to document our dance party. Ezra has started to dance and join in on the fun. He gets low and swings his arms. Emerson does her interpretive dance as usual and runs around like a mad woman. 

We went upstairs and much to my surprise Emerson asked me to take her picture. She wanted to model and these are the poses she came up with. I was dying laughing. I can see us having lots of interesting pictures in the next year if she keeps this up.

The two of the them together. Both looking, not a chance! 

But, aren't they adorable! Emerson was very excited apparently. 

This is what I'm dealing with these days. An adventurous climber. Do you notice his nose scrunch growl?? He does this whenever he is excited or thrilled with himself now. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 This has been the scene at our house the past week. Two sick kiddos. 
Therefore another blogging break.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Can you believe this guy is 14 months? I feel like he was just 9 months. Is it possible the second year is going by fast than the first? Ezra is growing into an adorable toddler. It's hard to believe that even at this age Emerson wasn't walking, and he has been a busy bee for 3 months. So he seems more grown up to me at this age. Finally after much waiting, he has four teeth on top, bringing him to a total of 6. Good thing for him since he loves to eat. He has picked up the sign for more and constantly walks to the kitchen and signs more over and over again. He likes big people food, not baby food. I would say grilled cheese and quesadillas are his favorite. Sometimes I can sneak some veggies in his quesadilla to make me feel a little better. He goes nuts for veggie sticks, crackers, pretzels, and cookies. (Who doesn't?) I made a fresh strawberry bread the other day and he ate no less than half of the whole thing. His appetite seems unquenchable. Not a fan of veggies or fruit though. He has found the occasional apple, orange, or watermelon slice tasty but not in excess. I'm not worrying about it too much. Because to be honest I'm thrilled that he is eating at all. If you know Emerson you understand what I'm saying. His verbal communication is growing everyday. Since Emerson has a new love for Dora, he responds and says, "map!" He is constantly saying hey but no bye yet. He says the word dog and is super excited about Mia. It's like he just discovered that we have a dog living here. The feeling isn't mutual. Ha! But, he loves to throw her the ball, and tell her it's a ball. I've heard him say duck, and other words that I can't recall. He is a big climber and will try to get on top of anything so I have to keep a close eye on this fast dare devil. The other day he climbed on top of the kids table for the 20th time, stood up and said, "sit!." I think we have a miscommunication about what I'm trying to tell him when I say sit.  He likes to  do what big kids do, thanks to his big sister. He really enjoys painting, coloring and seems to have good coordination. Recently he started smiling by scrunching his nose up and showing those teeth. It's so cute and really shows his enthusiasm! He also loves to give big kisses, hug, and roar like a dinosaur. In true boy form he will take any toy, even Cinderella, and push her around saying, "vrooom."
He knows a couple bodyparts. His belly, toes, and head. He really enjoys showing his belly off to us.

This is typical Ezra. Cheesing with food stuffed in his mouth.


Love this boy! Doesn't he look aqua and plaid.?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ezra is 14 mths…so here are his 12 mth pics

After a long blog break with lots of busyness I figured I needed to post
Ezra's 12 month pictures. It just so happens he is 14 months today. Seriously?!?! Where has my baby gone. Anyways aside from my moping here are pictures of the scrumptious little boy. I did a 15 minute session and he was ham as usual. Emerson was an excellent assistant. I told her to make him happy and she certainly did! In a couple years I think she will be a big help on shoots.
I was worried to take his pictures since he is so active and at this point was already walking. But, for some reason he loves little furniture so he was happy as a clam to sit in a chair his size. An orange, or "ball" to him helped too.

Isn't he dreamy??

My favorite pictures. He was just bursting with excitement!


I asked Emerson from the beginning, do you want me to take your picture. She adamantly said, "No, no!" So I let her keep her outfit on. Otherwise I would have tried to coordinate a bit. But, she couldn't restrain herself when she saw him getting all the attention. Her facial expressions are priceless. I'm not sure Ezra knew what to make of it. In the top right, I told her to act like Rapunzel and this is what she gave me. Ha! I love it.


On dramatic b&w. Wonder what they are thinking about?? I bet, how great their Mom is!
(In reality they were looking at the neighbors dog.)