Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emerson's Close-Up

One fun thing about the ultrasounds to monitor Emerson's health are ultrasound pics! Since we never decided to do a 3D ultrasound it was very cool get to see her after all. Although she wasn't extremely cooperative we did get a glimpse of her face. My placenta did cover her up a little bit but, we got a sneak peak at her little nose. In one pic you can see her scowling at the fact she is being poked. When we were there we could see her raise her hand in front as to say, "Hey! Leave me alone. I'm trying to sleep."  So does she look like Mark or me? haha.
Her Profile

Shower Fun

Here are some pics of the showers that we were lucky enough to have people throw for us.  People were so generous and we got tons of cute stuff for Emerson. Thank you to everyone! Yes, I did wear the same shirt to two showers but clothes get limited once you get so big.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Maternity Shots

Luckily I have a very talented husband who took some maternity shots of me. Here are just a few of the massive amounts we have. We also went to Duke Gardens for a few outside shots and to our surprise an amateur photography offered to take a few of the both of us. So Mark got to be in on a few pics. I'm really glad we did this. Seeing as I might not be pregnant for that much longer!