Friday, March 23, 2012

Sigma Test-10
I have gotten two of the kids together and so long. Mostly because it's hard to get them to stay still, let alone look at me.

Sigma Test-4
But, my how they have grown. This is pre-cut for Emerson. So I'm a little bit behind. Look how much things have changed!

This was back in August. Look at that bald little head!

Sigma Test-2
Now Ezra is starting to look like a little boy! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neighborhood Fun


We have been loving this warm weather. Not that we had a cold winter but, it's been so pleasant. We love a back street for the kids to play in. Since a lot of our neighbors have kids it has become our own little block party in the evenings. Everyone has been taking turns in riding in Ben's car. You would think as often as Emerson has rode in it that it's hers. Here is Emerson and Ezra in a modified two seater. 

I think she may have trouble letting others drive alone. Here she is with Annabelle cruising along. 

We have had a few collisions with Ben.  Our very own bumper cars. 


Ezra finally got a turn on it's on. It's hard when you are the little one. He looks like he thinks he is so cool driving with one hand!

Ezra loves being outside and playing with all the other kids. Seriously, one foot on the ball? Ha!

I just want to kiss him looking at this picture!

Ezra walking with Daddy. I feel like he has grown up faster being around all the big kids! It has been such a blessing to have great neighbors. What a fun summer is ahead!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bob

I had been thinking about cutting Emerson's hair for awhile. For one she will not wear hairbows for any significant amount of time. So it's all in her eyes, food, etc. Plus she has super fine hair, basically still baby hair. Recently she had started screaming when I tried to brush it so it looked even crazier so I knew it was time. Even though I was a little sentimental about those soft baby curls I knew it would really help it to look thicker. After getting a referral from a friend we set our appointment. I talked up getting her cut a lot so by the time the day came she was really excited. Her hair stylist was great and how she got a straight line is beyond me. We decided a chin length bob would allow it to look fuller while she continued to get new hair in. Emerson was super chatty with her, asking tons of questions. After about 10 minutes we had our new do and Emerson was thrilled! Even her doll, Belle, got a new stylish braid. 
When we got home we took a  picture of her new do to document how stinking cute she was! I really think it compliments her. She loves it too. As you can see she actually posed for a picture! Maybe I should have used my real camera instead of the iphone. Oh well. We already have her next appointment set. She's such a big girl now! By the way she has told every person since then that she got a haircut. Whether she knows them or not. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Growing up

As Emerson turns 3 it's fun to look back at home much she has changed. Starting out as 5lb 7oz peanut who didn't fit into newborn clothes, growing into an independent one year old with big brown eyes. Last year she still had a little bit of chubby cheeks. This year she has lengthened into a bean pole, growing every day! Hair is a bit blonder, she is much chattier but she is still our sweet and feisty Emerson Kaye.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ezra 10 Months Old

It has taken me so long to get this 10 month post up he is almost 11 months. Pretty typical here. He has been rather chatty lately, trying to imitate words. Although he points at me and says dada and thinks it's hysterical. He also tries to say ball, and bye bye. All variations of, "Ba." He continues to roar like a dinosaur and will copy me when I say, "shhh."
He has been cruising like crazy, even taking a few steps. Ezra loves to play ball and will hit the ball with our play putter or stand up and kick it with his foot. I'm not sure if this is normal at this age or just typical boy behavior. Emerson definitely didn't do that! He is starting to show a little interest in food. Enjoying apples slices, and carrots. Of course he loves carbs and goes nuts for veggie sticks, crackers, and waffles. The other day he seemed to be interested in my banana. So I gave him a taste. He loved it but the proceeded to suck on the peel instead.  Silly boy.
Ezra continues to be inquisitive, social, and adoring of his big sister. I'm still in denial that he will be one soon. Sniff, sniff.