Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Attack of the baby

I only have time for a quick blog post today. This weekend I went yard selling for the first time! It was pretty successful. I got Emerson took cloth books for .50. These go for $10-15 in the store. I also got a bookshelf that I hope to paint one day, and a few clothes for E. I did learn that you probably should get there at the 7am opening since it's sooo hot.

Nannie and papaw came to visit. We drug them on our yard selling adventure. Emerson was a little abusive.
I think after this episode they regretted getting her this cup.
Maybe one that says fiesty toddler or little stinker would be more fitting?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going places

This little chica has just been a mess! I actually got a picture of a semi-smile because I pinned her down. Ha! I'm not kidding. I seriously had to throw my leg over her. :)
She has really gotten into climbing and nothing is out of reach. Well, in her eyes that is. So much for our hidden book stash.
Her favorite toy right now is buckets. She has a blast carrying them around, packing it full of toys. The other day we got another bucket. Instead of replacing her old one she wants to carry both, on top of another toy if she can handle it.
"Hmmm...what else can I get into?"
A breastpump bag works just the same as a bucket though in case you were wondering.
After all that toting sometimes you just have to crash!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Splash Grounds

Last week we went to the splash grounds. For a $1 per kid and a morning full of energy burning activity you can't beat it. At first Emerson was a little weary.
She brought her boyfriend, Ben and contemplated what this place was all about.
Soon she realized it was a place to have fun and she was off!
Running all over the place. There were large buckets overhead that tipped over and I had to keep deterring her. She was mesmerized by them and she would have surely been taken out by one!
We brought our bucket and sand toys. They were a big hit. Although every two minutes another kid had swiped hers. Next time, we need to mark her name on it. Check out her beach bod. Those roley poly legs!

The kids had a blast splashing around. Stopping the flow of water with their hands.

E. was Miss Independent walking all over, by herself. She didn't want to play with me at all! I probably looked nuts calling her name and her walking away. Next we went over to the wading pool. It was about a foot high so the babies could toddle around. Emerson had other plans and thought it was her opportunity to show off her swimming techniques. She would throw herself face first, completely submerging her head. I kept getting some stern looks from the lifeguard like I was supervising her sufficiently. But, seriously she would swat my hand away. I guess she needs one of those floaty suits if she thinks she is ready for the deep end. We had a great time and I see many more trips this summer to the splash grounds in our future.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Emerson has been going through a lot of changes in the last week. Doesn't she look older? Also in need of a hair brush.
We have two molars that have cut and two right behind. All of these teeth have given E. an interest in.....FOOD! It's really amazing how quickly she has changed from not eating a thing to chowing down and demanding food. Halleujiah! The church nursery even said she stuffed her face with goldfish at the big kid table and chairs even after everyone was done. Really? My Little E.? At first I thought they had confused her with another pint size child. But, then later that night when she was shoving sweet potato fries in her mouth I gave it a second thought. Then she ate some watermelon and loved it! More things that have been a hit are oranges (who knew??), homemade healthy pancakes (filled with bananas, blueberries, and honey), and goldfish. She can even say "goldfish" now and is always demanding them if I'm in the kitchen. Now if I could just get her to eat a green vegetable.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weekend Round Up

We had a busy weekend. Emerson and I headed to the farm. The farm that supplies the produce for the company I work for had a farm day. So we traveled about an hour east to check it out. The farm supplies produce for about 2000 families each week. Wow! I snapped a few pictures here and there.
I love all the rust! I think some people thought I was crazy for taking a picture of it.
Chicken Coop

I don't think Emerson trusted those chickens too much.

The farm prepared us lunch. A pig pickin with lots of fresh veggies, and homemade ice cream. It was delicious. Soon after lunch Emerson was through. It was very very hot and humid. So she was as a trooper to hang in that long. I even snuck a bow in her hair without her noticing. She was dripping sweat so I had to do something.
Sunday we headed to Mark's parents to celebrate his Dad's birthday. Emerson was thrilled to sit in her own little chair.
She has gotten very into furniture. In her size of course.
She had to tell me all about it. What a mess!
After this long, hot weekend Emerson needed to have a rest. Whatever works!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Five

Happy Happy Thursday!!

Today is a FANTASTIC day..but you'll just have to wait and read my five to find out why..

Wanna play..all you have to do is post 5 things that have made you






Keely over at MannLand5 started this fun carnival so here is...

My Five

1. Julie Ann got married! We headed to Conover for her wedding weekend and it was a blast full of fun activities. Here we are pre-wedding with a blurry picture from my phone. Doesn't she look stunning?!? I mean seriously. Then of course the ceremony was a tear jerker. Is there anything better than the emotion on a wedding day?
2. Emerson was a party girl. She was a super good sport at the reception. I even brought her out with me while the bridesmaids were introduced and she got to be introduced too! Then she did the chicken dance with me and clapped her hands on cue. I see some future dance parties in her future! She looks a little dazed in this picture but for a girl who didn't nap I say she held in there.
3. I have a photoshoot tomorrow with a sweet baby girl. I'm so excited I can't stand it and maybe if I'm lucky her Mama will let me hold her for a bit. I'll post pictures here once they are complete.

4. We're going to farm day on Saturday. The company I work for part-time, The Produce Box, is having a family farm day where we can tour the farm, taste things. How fun! Have you ever had a cucumber straight from the farm? It's amazing. So head to your farmers market and pick one up. They knock the grocery store stuff out of the water.

5. Our church is doing a Sunday night series where some seminary professors are speaking on certain topics. This Sunday is "Hearing God's Voice in Scriptures." I'm really excited to take it in. I feel very fortunate to have such great resources.

6. I'm adding a 6th because I finished Emerson's scrapbook for the first year and got it yesterday. BEAUTIFUL! So pleased.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More 15 month pictures

If you want to see more 15 month pictures of Emerson become my fan on facebook! I have a whole gallery there. That's all I have for now!