Thursday, October 30, 2008

21 week pics

21 Week Baby Bump
So I had a mini milestone this week a stranger recognized I was pregnant! Finally it's starting to looking completely baby and no flab. Although I've been working a temp job for a month now and no one has noticed that I'm expecting. Mark and I have made some progress in planning for the baby. This past w.e. we got bedding! It's very cute and I'll post pics whenever I get to taking them. As far as cleaning out the room and changing it into a nursery.....still just boxes and a big mess. I have a feeling we'll be in a rush. My next task is to convince Mark to go register with me. The thought of looking at baby stuff for hours is pure torture but we have to go eventually. 

Last week I got to "baby test" the pets. I baby-sat an infant for a few hours and surprisingly Mia and Marlow weren't awful. That meaning there was any meanness. Marlow didn't want anything to do with the situation staying completely across the room. Mia was curious and even seem concerned and whimpered when the baby cried. Very sweet I thought. So hopefully I won't have as much work cut out for me as I thought. Here is a pic of my cute pets enjoying a nap. This is our future nursery rocker which Marlow has adopted as his own. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

So I'm finally updating after a long absence. We had our big ultrasound this past Friday and we are thrilled to be having a little girl. At first we were a little nervous since she had her legs properly crossed. But eventually she wiggled so we could see. So my mother's intuition is completely crap as I w
as sure it was a boy. I even insisted the u/s check repeatedly for hidden boy parts. She said from all angles and 15 views it's definitely a girl. Also our little one
 appears to be quite flexible with her legs wrapped up around her head. Overall in was very exciting and she is healthy and right on schedule. I have a couple videos I'll post once I can figure out how to do it on youtube. Not Positive on this but the one on the bottom I think this is her head, arms, and legs. She's all balled up. The other one is the baby profile with head, spine, and legs.    19 week belly pics below.