Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nursery Ideas

I ran across a nursery I absolutely loved. So I think if it's a boy I'll go with chocolate brown walls. I hate "baby" colors anyways and this is very cool.

Here is the crib I've selected. I just hope it doesn't sell out!

12 Weeks~little plum

Today I'm 12 weeks so here are my baby bump pics. The baby is about the size of a plum and all the vital organs are formed and will go through fine tuning during the next 28 weeks. I don't really see much difference in the past two weeks but I guess it's fun to document. If anything I think I look smaller since the bloating is going down. Maybe in a few weeks! It is strange to have a child the size a plum in there but no real impact. Good news this week I have been accepted as a patient at The Birth Center in Chapel Hill. Very natural, holistic, hippy, and I love it! I'm off to the beach this w.e. to wear a bikini for probably one of the last times for awhile. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 week 6 day ultrasound

Today was my second OB appointment. They did another low level ultrasound to see the heartbeat. You can definitely tell a big growth spurt in the past 4 weeks. This is a view of the baby from the side so at the top is the head and if you look to the right of that you can see a tiny arm. The blurry object further to the right is the umbilical cord. I think I can see a little leg at the bottom end as well. Anyways everything is looking good! I haven't gained a single pound surprisingly. I think the culprit is me being to exhausted to work out and losing my muscle mass. But, soon I should start to gain a pound a week. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Baby Purchase!

So I finally broke down today and made my first baby purchase. Cute little overalls for next summer. I probably wouldn't have purchased them other than the fact I was eyeing them last week at Target and today they were 50% off. Woo hoo! I love bargain shopping. I think it is a baby boy outfit but I figured it was pretty gender neutral. Just put something pink underneath it and very girly. You can know awww at our child's future  stylish attire.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10 weeks

Unfortunately our camera is slowly dying so I have no idea what I'm taking when I press the button.
I wasn't going to post these two but I thought it was cute how much my kitty wanted to be in the picture. Please ignore my dirty mirror.
Here is my attempt with my laptop camera...a little tricky to maneuver. 
Test shot!

Bare belly shot. I know most of my pooch is caused by bowel distention but it is still getting slightly bigger each week.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Telling the parents

To break the news we just decided to give a "Grandpa" bib thinking it would speak for itself. Kinda backfired.

~Immediately Barbara gets it! Meanwhile Dad is laughing.

~5 Minutes later my Dad realizes that the bib is in meant for our future child not the present grandchildren. Wish we had a picture of the shocked face.

~The Bib! Can be used for Grandfather or Grandchild.

9 Weeks 1 Day

The baby who is now about the size of an olive is now officially a fetus! So now he/she looks more baby like and less alien like. I'm not sure if he is starting to push my belly out a tad or I've just had too many crackers. :) 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I've learned

So I've learned quite a few things over the past few weeks. Unfortunately I haven't been able to post in 2 weeks because the baby has been kicking my butt. Anyways here is my new found insight.

  1. Drinking orange juice on an empty stomach is not a good idea
  2. Chocolate milk on an empty stomach is also a bad idea
  3. Vegetables are not appetizing in the least
  4. Ginger Ale will help with nausea but cause indigestion
  5. Food cravings on the "do not eat" list aren't fair
  6. Grilled cheese is the best food ever!