Monday, July 15, 2013

What's new?

One of the biggest updates around here is the expansion of our little family! Ezra will be a big brother come Christmas time and Emerson is thrilled to reprise her role as big sister. She started out adamant about a little sister and has since changed her tune to a desire for her brother. Ezra just looks at me and says, "Baby?," and walks away. Thats about the extent of his interest. Ha!

I had every intention of keeping track of belly pictures. I started showing immediately so I waited until 10 weeks to take a picture so it wouldn't be so embarrassing. Then a whopping 8 weeks later I realized I had forgotten to take anymore. So of course there is a big jump in size. This pregnancy so far has been my easiest. I had very little first trimester symptoms to the point I would forget I was pregnant. Tolerable nausea and that's about it. Second trimester has brought hip pain galore.  Cravings have included; greek food, olives, baby corn, salads with tahini dressing, nutter butters,  and burgers. I'm still trying to squeeze into non maternity clothes occasionally. I don't have a lot of summer maternity from the prior pregnancies. I went to Wal-Mart and bought 3 large tank tops and they have held me over for the time being. We are really excited to welcome a new member of the family! Especially Miss E.! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Put on your dancing shoes

In June Emerson was in her first recital ever! Her class worked hard and was a part of huge production.  She was puppy in The Wizard of Oz. Here she is at rehearsals with her friend from class. She was a little reluctant until she saw all her buddies there. Look at that grin!

Here are the girls post rehearsal in character


The actual recital was the following week. Here we are doing last minute make-up backstage. Emerson was mesmerized by the older girls getting ready. 
Here is a backstage shot captured by the photographers there. 



She was pretty wound up afterwards and thrilled about getting flowers. Ezra was delirious at this point. Congratulations Emerson on your first recital!

We moved!

So we have had a long blogging break. In the middle of packing up everything we own and moving into a new place there wasn't much spare time. Here is a picture of the kids at their last day in the house. They went on a little vaca for a couple days while we did the whole moving process so I wanted them to have closure. I told Emerson to say goodbye to her house and she responded, "But, the house can't talk. " 

They have adjusted pretty well after the first week and I think now feel at home. I tried to get a similar picture at our new front door.

But, Emerson thought I wanted a dance routine. 

And Ezra went with it.