Monday, July 15, 2013

What's new?

One of the biggest updates around here is the expansion of our little family! Ezra will be a big brother come Christmas time and Emerson is thrilled to reprise her role as big sister. She started out adamant about a little sister and has since changed her tune to a desire for her brother. Ezra just looks at me and says, "Baby?," and walks away. Thats about the extent of his interest. Ha!

I had every intention of keeping track of belly pictures. I started showing immediately so I waited until 10 weeks to take a picture so it wouldn't be so embarrassing. Then a whopping 8 weeks later I realized I had forgotten to take anymore. So of course there is a big jump in size. This pregnancy so far has been my easiest. I had very little first trimester symptoms to the point I would forget I was pregnant. Tolerable nausea and that's about it. Second trimester has brought hip pain galore.  Cravings have included; greek food, olives, baby corn, salads with tahini dressing, nutter butters,  and burgers. I'm still trying to squeeze into non maternity clothes occasionally. I don't have a lot of summer maternity from the prior pregnancies. I went to Wal-Mart and bought 3 large tank tops and they have held me over for the time being. We are really excited to welcome a new member of the family! Especially Miss E.! 


Samantha said...

Congratulations! So happy to hear about the new addition!

The Landis Family said...

Thanks Samantha!