Friday, October 29, 2010

20 months

Happy 20 months to Emerson! Here's a sneak peak from our shoot this week. A big development this month is language. She is talking a lot more and repeating about anything we saw. She jabbers in sentences now but we're still not quite sure what she is saying. When she says one or two words its pretty concise. She still as social as ever and even offers herself to be held to people she has met in the last two minutes. She's eating quite a bit but mostly fruit. She lives off bananas, but also enjoys apples, oranges, and watermelon. Emerson seems to be picking up on humor. She will make funny faces and cackle like crazy. She's super active and running, climbing, to what seems like constantly. Another exciting development for me is that she is sleeping through the night occasionally! I really thought she would never get there but every once in awhile I won't hear from her until 7am. Of course she is resisting nap time like usual. But, hopefully she'll give into that too eventually. She has gotten even more into animals and loves to make animal noises. We recently went to a farm visit and she energetically mooed at the cow. She can also point out countless objects when asked, and understands a good part of what we saw. Emerson still loves to dance and can pick up a beat from anywhere. Now she is beginning to try to sing. Her most recent ballad, the Toyota commercial. We're excited to what the next couple months hold as we move toward two. I know it will be full of learning, and fun. Love ya E!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

15 weeks

Since I'm feeling too lazy for a full out post I'll do a little survey. But, I must say I worked really hard to get this self portrait belly pic. Setting the camera on a picnic table and running trying to get my body in frame wasn't easy. I hope you appreciate the pretty background.

How Far Along: 15 Weeks
Size of baby: About 4 inches and weighs around 2.5 ounces. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 7 lbs. Thanks State Fair!
Maternity Clothes: Just bought some maternity cords and I can't wait to get them in the mail. My regular clothes with the bella band are on their last leg. I've been loving my maternity jean skirt I got for $6 on clearance and my maternity layering tees. Super comfy!
Gender: Find out in November!
Movement: I don't think I'm feeling anything yet but I probably don't stay still long enough with a toddler to notice.
Sleep: Been a little restless at night. But, sleeping much better when Emerson sleeps all night!
What I miss: I miss turkey sandwiches and apparently only really want them when I'm pregnant. I could also kill some over easy eggs.
Cravings: Not really having many cravings. Got some Bojangles fries today and they were fantastic.
Symptons: Fatigue, indigestion, heartburn, and nausea.
Best Moment this week: Actually feeling like I look pregnant and not like I have a beer gut and scheduling our ultrasound. 

By the way Emerson turned 20 months the same day I started my 15th week! Be on the look out for new pics.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say "cheese!"

 The other day I made Emerson some peanut butter toast for lunch. The child went to town and ate it faster than I've ever seen. Since she was a complete mess I took out my camera.
 She looked at me and said "cheese!" I did a double take because she has never done that before. Not only that but I don't know where she got it from. I've never said that to her. I'm lucky if I can get her to look at me.
 But, sure enough she kept saying it begging me to take her picture.
Yummmm...peanut butter goodness. What a goofball.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New poll

Vote whether you think Baby Dos is a boy or girl! We should know by the end of the month. For reference I have no idea. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Show us your life- Nurseries

Today is "Show us you life- nurseries and children's rooms" at Kelly's Korner. Since I haven't participated in anything in forever and I love Emerson's room I figured I would join in.
Here is the entrance into E.'s room. The letter was a baby shower gift.
The wall color looks more subdued here than it is in person. I choose a fairly brighter coral type pink that matches the bedding and Mark painted a brown trim around the top.  I painted this letters from Babies R Us. It took many, many coats. Since there was so much pink I wanted to bring out the blue in her bedding some more. 

Her bedding is the Brooke collection from Pottery Barn Kids. I fell in love with it when I saw it in the store. It's eclectic with lots of patterns and colors, and not babyish at all. The sheet has tiny owls on it and some graphic trees. I pulled from those trees to do the tree paintings on the wall. Drawn by hand, and painted while very pregnant makes for a very sore back. Her crib is from the Amy Coe collection at Babies R Us. The pictures doesn't show it but the lower portion is a chestnut wood and it has a drawer on the bottom. I loved the simple look of it. 

These asymmetrical boxes were a steal at $5 a piece. I got them at Nordstrom from the visual merchandising department when I worked their years ago. They decorated our living room in our first apartment. I repainted them white with a kelly green interior. They frame each side of the window.

Mark refurnished a dresser painting the body white and we added these fun knobs. It matches the crib colors exactly. He also refinished a white trunk that is front of the window. I had a few more pictures but these are old and it doesn't exactly look the same since our house is on the market. 
But, here is little girl enjoying her room a few months ago. Where did that chub go??? 

Looks cozy, huh? With the prospect of moving on the horizon I'm pretty sad to leave our nursery we put so much heart and energy into. But, Emerson will have other rooms. I'm not sure I'll do pink again. Unless she insists, and she might. I'm thinking a fresh blue perhaps. But, when I became pregnant with a girl I wanted a fun, colorful room, that was imaginative and different. I think we achieved that and I love it.


You can't teach style like this. I personally think the vintage bonnet (aka "mine") is a fabulous choice.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

14 weeks

 Back to the weekly updates! Last week I had a nasty stomach flu so I was nowhere near capable of taking pictures let alone blogging about it. I'm starting feel pretty normal now. Still get tired mid-afternoon but I'm hanging in there. Yesterday I made Emerson take a nap with me at 4 o'clock and it was just what I needed! She is much more willing to sleep when I sleep as well. I haven't really had any significant cravings. I blame persistent indigestion and heartburn for taking the fun out of food. Although I gave into some fried pickles at the state fair last weekend but to be honest I would eat those as my non-pregnant self. Not sure of my weight gain so fair. My appointment for last week was rescheduled for this week. I like infected the whole office when I was there getting my iv. :( Seriously.
 Emerson decided to make an appearance. She isn't use to the camera not being pointed at her. Of course when I'm not trying to take her picture she has perfect eye contact. As you can see I'm sporting the bella band. I can't button any of my pants and I'm sporting some maternity tees I got on clearance for $2 at target. I've thought I've felt a few flutters but nothing too definite. But, it shouldn't be too long. I started feeling flutters at 16 weeks with E.
 Now to leave you with some cuteness. 
Pulling a book out that we read no less than 20 times today. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lover not a fighter

A couple weeks ago at the church nursery they had informed me that Emerson had been pinching other kid's cheeks. I was thinking, "Oh great, we have a bully on our hands." So last week Mark and I decided to take her to the playground. It was overrun with toddlers enjoying the nice weather. Emerson spots a "baby" and immediately runs up to a little girl pretty much her same size. She dives in for a hug while eagerly saying, "hi," to her. While the little girl is in shock from this forward approach Emerson grabs her cheeks, and says "mmm" while going in for a kiss. Whoa! Her cheek pinching was her way of showing affection. She wasn't trying to be mean she was trying to be loving. I knew she was a lover not a fighter. Now to address the issue of kissing people on the mouth the moment you meet. Hmmmm...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Bump

So I figured I would post some baby bump pictures before I forgot. Just an fyi I actually weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy with Emerson. But, of course all my muscles are stretched out from ahem....Emerson, and things are showing a lot sooner than last time. I still weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight with Emerson but I'm already popping out of my clothes. Not really sure how that works out, but I've started wearing quite a bit maternity shirts and making a last attempt to wear my regular pants this week. I didn't wear maternity pants with E. until about 24 weeks. Not sure if that was because I didn't need to or because I was stubborn. :)
So here is my first picture. 7 weeks...seriously!

 Self portrait at 10 weeks, bloating subsiding a bit.
11.5 weeks. If you don't see a difference you might need your eyes checked.

For a point of reference here is Emerson in the oven at 7 weeks..

and 12 weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm already bigger now than I was at 16 weeks with her. Overall I'm starting to move into the feeling good stage of pregnancy. So far this has been quite different than with Emerson. With her I had a terrible couple weeks of morning sickness where I could only graze on food but felt better by week 9. This go around I've had killer heartburn/indigestion starting around the time I had terrible morning sickness with E. But, I've also had the nausea but it's been spread out and last longer. The worst week so far was week 10 and I even had some moments of nausea a couple days ago. It's really crazy how different it has been so I have no idea what to expect. I went in for a heartbeat check last week and was ecstatic to hear the heartbeat at just 11 weeks. 180bpm! I'll get a chance to hear it next week at my monthly check-up. We should find out the sex sometime in mid November and I can't wait! I'm not making any prediction as I was completely wrong last time. Which could mean I should just pick the opposite of my instinct. But, hopefully blogging will help me to stay on top of belly pics and keeping track of this pregnancy. Oh! My due date is April 20th. Spring baby. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

19 months

 Here's is our goofy 19 month old. Silly, happy, and apparently ticklish. She even likes to tickle herself when we aren't available going, "tickle, tickle."
Headed full steam ahead to age 2, she is talking up a storm and turning more and more into a little person   instead of a baby. She hasn't met a stranger yet and loves to chat it up with new people. Her tiny little wave is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Who wouldn't want to talk to her with social skills like that?
She has become a ridiculous climber. Climbing our stove, the baby gate, the high chair. All to give her mother a heart attack. She's eating a lot more but is still fickle most days. Until I get myself some food and of course she wants it. I think she is pretty much addicted to cheerios and could eat them all day. She is a fruit lover, but a veggie hater. Hopefully I can convince her by Christmas that veggies aren't poison. Things to hope for. 
 She loves to read books, and affectionately calls them "b's." She definitely gets stuck on her favorite books and you can't convince her to read anything else. Last week she brought me The Pottery Barn Kids catalog and was determined for me to read it to her.
 She's has really picked up on that everyone has a name. She can say more than a few names now and lovingly says, "Hey Mimi," to our dog. They have become better friends this month. That is when Emerson isn't attempting to hit her. But, having a snack cup always encourages Mia to stick around.  She also has started saying amen at the end of prayers. Emerson also loves to imitate animals. She is definitely an animal lover!

 Another thing Emerson loves is babies! She talks about them all day and can spot them across the room.  It's like Christmas to her when she finds one. I recently put up a new picture of her in the hallway and she is beyond excited to have a picture of a baby in our house. 

 I'm really glad she loves babies. 
 Seeing as she might be seeing one on a regular basis pretty soon.

She's going to be a big sister!

Trip to the museum

The other week some friends invited us to go to the Durham Natural Science Museum. We were only there a short amount of time but Emerson had a lot of fun. We headed to the outside portion which looked huge but we didn't cover all of the ground of course. Emerson found the water portion and loved it as you can see.  Luckily it was a hot and humid day because she got completely drenched. I was tempted to jump in myself.

 Next we went to the toddler section. They had a play kitchen and lots of other contraptions.  Our little climber scaled the ladder all the way to the top of the tree house.
The other half of the section had natural toys, a small playground, and cool things on the walls. Emerson liked opening the doors and putting toys inside. If they hadn't closed and kicked us out we would she would have been occupied a few more hours I think! Ha! I can't wait to take her back because I'm sure she would have a blast exploring.