Wednesday, October 20, 2010

14 weeks

 Back to the weekly updates! Last week I had a nasty stomach flu so I was nowhere near capable of taking pictures let alone blogging about it. I'm starting feel pretty normal now. Still get tired mid-afternoon but I'm hanging in there. Yesterday I made Emerson take a nap with me at 4 o'clock and it was just what I needed! She is much more willing to sleep when I sleep as well. I haven't really had any significant cravings. I blame persistent indigestion and heartburn for taking the fun out of food. Although I gave into some fried pickles at the state fair last weekend but to be honest I would eat those as my non-pregnant self. Not sure of my weight gain so fair. My appointment for last week was rescheduled for this week. I like infected the whole office when I was there getting my iv. :( Seriously.
 Emerson decided to make an appearance. She isn't use to the camera not being pointed at her. Of course when I'm not trying to take her picture she has perfect eye contact. As you can see I'm sporting the bella band. I can't button any of my pants and I'm sporting some maternity tees I got on clearance for $2 at target. I've thought I've felt a few flutters but nothing too definite. But, it shouldn't be too long. I started feeling flutters at 16 weeks with E.
 Now to leave you with some cuteness. 
Pulling a book out that we read no less than 20 times today. 

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