Friday, October 29, 2010

20 months

Happy 20 months to Emerson! Here's a sneak peak from our shoot this week. A big development this month is language. She is talking a lot more and repeating about anything we saw. She jabbers in sentences now but we're still not quite sure what she is saying. When she says one or two words its pretty concise. She still as social as ever and even offers herself to be held to people she has met in the last two minutes. She's eating quite a bit but mostly fruit. She lives off bananas, but also enjoys apples, oranges, and watermelon. Emerson seems to be picking up on humor. She will make funny faces and cackle like crazy. She's super active and running, climbing, to what seems like constantly. Another exciting development for me is that she is sleeping through the night occasionally! I really thought she would never get there but every once in awhile I won't hear from her until 7am. Of course she is resisting nap time like usual. But, hopefully she'll give into that too eventually. She has gotten even more into animals and loves to make animal noises. We recently went to a farm visit and she energetically mooed at the cow. She can also point out countless objects when asked, and understands a good part of what we saw. Emerson still loves to dance and can pick up a beat from anywhere. Now she is beginning to try to sing. Her most recent ballad, the Toyota commercial. We're excited to what the next couple months hold as we move toward two. I know it will be full of learning, and fun. Love ya E!

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