Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lover not a fighter

A couple weeks ago at the church nursery they had informed me that Emerson had been pinching other kid's cheeks. I was thinking, "Oh great, we have a bully on our hands." So last week Mark and I decided to take her to the playground. It was overrun with toddlers enjoying the nice weather. Emerson spots a "baby" and immediately runs up to a little girl pretty much her same size. She dives in for a hug while eagerly saying, "hi," to her. While the little girl is in shock from this forward approach Emerson grabs her cheeks, and says "mmm" while going in for a kiss. Whoa! Her cheek pinching was her way of showing affection. She wasn't trying to be mean she was trying to be loving. I knew she was a lover not a fighter. Now to address the issue of kissing people on the mouth the moment you meet. Hmmmm...

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