Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still pregnant

37 weeks

So, I'm still pregnant. I'm constantly getting asked if I have any baby news and that's all I can say, still pregnant. I'm officially a week past how far I went with Ezra. It's hard to get my mind around that I could possibly reach my due date. We deep cleaned the house,  got the dog groomed, put up the tree at Thanksgiving full expecting a baby at any moment. So to say we are twiddling our thumbs at this point is an understatement. I've had weeks of baby coming signs all to point to nothing happening. 

39 weeks
 You can see from my 37 week to 39 week picture that the baby is lower and I definitely feel that. I'm uncomfortable pretty much all the time. Not in the I'm pregnant and huge kind of way but literally in pain all the time. So contrary to the other two babes I'm really ready for a baby.
Just for comparison. Ezra in utero right before he was born.  This will definitely be our biggest baby yet! Now I'm on the fence whether it's a boy or girl. Which is more stubborn? If you are listening, come out little baby. Preferably before Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in October we were fortunate enough to go apple picking. We went two years ago and such a great time we couldn't wait to head back. On our adventure somehow we got a rare picture of the 4 of us!
Ezra enjoyed riding them apple cart and testing out the goods. 

We were even able to bribe a friend to come down and meet us as well.
My little guy. He was happier than this looks, I swear. 

The kids and I enjoyed apple doughnuts and hot cider.
Emerson did her own thing as usual. She has no personality, can't you tell?

We got up close and personal with some friendly horses.


We ended up with a huge bushel of apples. Sadly, I didn't do anything creative with them like apple butter, or pie, but they sure were tasty to eat each day!

This pretty much sums up what we thought about apple picking.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Halloween!

So we are a little late on the Halloween post. Ezra had a couple costume options. I had bought a cowboy costume last  year on clearance. But, mistakenly I bought Emerson's size, not his. With some alterations it could work. He was as cute as can be and he seemed gun ho on being a cowboy. His other option was a spider man costume we had for dress-up. I was more weary of Emerson who had started to not like dress-up because it was "itchy," and told me she wanted to dress up as herself for Halloween. So I put all my efforts into convincing her that her fairy costume was awesome.

I even looked up fairy face painting online and we came up with this. I added shimmer eye shadow and some sparkle gloss to make it exciting. She found a crown and determine she would be the queen fairy. Then after all that handwork Ezra was the one who refused his costume. He cried and cried. 

So while I was taking Emerson's pictures before trick or treating Ezra was pouting on the porch. 

We got into the posing

Luckily it was warm enough not to wear tights. 

Finally Ezra was convinced to put his costume on, no mask. Here they are trick or treating at Mark's work. Obviously this was pre haircut. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fresh Trims

The past week everyone got fresh haircuts. Emerson went first and requested a short do. I was shocked at the request of a girl who has been wanting to grow her hair out for a year. But, I love it shorter so we compromised with an above the shoulder bob. She wanted chin length but I knew she would have some regret with that after all the fuss over princess hair.

She was really modest about showing off her new do. She looked over and saw the dryer that you pull over your head and asked the lady if she could sit in it and change her hair. I think she was ready for color and all!

Ezra had the biggest change getting inches off his locks. It had grown so much in the past two months I was ready for it to be chopped a bit. He was perfect in the chair, following his big sis. I didn't get more pictures of him since I was preoccupied trying to get him to look a certain way so it wasn't completely crooked. He even got his neck trimmed and I must say he looks handsome!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It’s time for Baby Predictions!

Six weeks and counting folks. Now is as good as time as any to start predicting little one’s arrival. Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl the poll is even more fun! Take a guess.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Get Ready

For the cutest 2 year old in the world!

Monday, October 28, 2013

33 weeks

30 weeks

So apparently I haven't done a baby update in awhile. Hello third trimester. If this baby arrives when Ezra did we have 5 weeks. Say what?!? I'm not really sure where the time went but I think I blinked and a month passed. I'm starting to feel the urgency to get things done. "Nesting" if you will. I'm on to every two week appointments until 36 weeks where I'll go weekly. Up until two weeks ago they let me do every 3-4 since I'm an old pro. 

At my last my appointment my midwife asked me, "How are you feeling?"

Me: "I feel really good. Although I  do either feel starving or nauseous,  have insomnia and can't get to sleep for a couple hours, hip pain, and serious pressure when walking. But, other than that I'm fine."

Midwife: "So you have every end of pregnancy symptom."

Me: "Hmmm… guess so?"

Let's be serious. I feel as pregnant as I look. Bending over is a joke at this point, and I'm not sure how you can have pelvic pressure and also be out of breath. Is this baby that big? But, I'm trying to soak up these last weeks of pregnancy. The midwife told me to prepare for a 38 week arrival. Or if the baby is going to surprise us, months. I don't see that happening though. If this baby will stay in long enough for me to get up a Christmas tree I will be grateful. 

32 weeks with baby 3

Ezra is starting to acknowledge the baby a lot now. He hasn't really cared up until this point. He is now saying hi to the baby and kissing my belly. Emerson asks me everyday if it's time for the baby to come out and has no shortage of name ideas.

31 weeks with Emerson
Here are some comparison shots. I was so tiny with Emerson!

30 weeks with Ezra
Little fuller the second time around.  Hopefully I'll get on it after this week and feel fully prepared for this baby's arrival!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


These two spend a lot of time together. They bunk together in the same room. Play non-stop. So of course they are best buds one minute and after each other the next. 

Last swim of summer=freezing
Emerson kinda has just as much fun torturing him as playing with him peacefully. Go figure. 

Classic hip pose 

Storytelling festival

Ezra calls her sister, and has since he started talking. So I found it hilarious that recently that he started calling for her saying, "Sister, (then turns to me) where's my brother?" He seriously thinks that her name is sister and that she is his brother. 

Divided the easel so they could actually share.

I think I might die of shock when he starts calling her Emerson. It will be an end of an era.

Friday, September 27, 2013

First of Dance 2013


Dance started back up in September. Would you believe this is her third year?!? She's planning on going pro by 6. Emerson's still sporting the puppy dog pose from last year. Fitting for the puppy leotard.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Christmas Card

We've already got our pictures for our Christmas Card done. We are super on top of it this year.

We are just that together. Try not to be jealous. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

25-27 weeks

I'll be officially 28 weeks on Thursday. So this picture might be a little out of date. According to all my pregnancy email updates the baby is about 2lbs and the size of a cauliflower. This baby actually measures on time, the first of all my tiny babes. I have felt pretty good other than being wore out by walking up the stairs and carrying kiddos. This baby seems to be pretty mellow and seems to hang out on the right side of my belly. Apparently the third time around there is plenty of room for the baby to choose a side. Emerson is becoming increasingly excited about the new arrival and keeps asking if it's time for the baby to come out. She's also convinced she is the one caring for the baby and it will sleep in her room. This could pose a problem later. I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for the baby's arrival but I'm starting to get the itch to get things in gear. I think November may be a mad rush to get things organized.

Friday, September 13, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Emerson has never been to an official preschool. This year we were able to join a preschool co-op at our church. So Miss E. will go to "school" one day a week and she couldn't be more thrilled. She really wanted to ride the school bus her first day. Hehe.

Happy Pose

Thoughtful Pose

Freestyle pose followed by I'm soooo excited pose. 

Emerson had worship, a letter class, and a music/movement class. When I asked her what she did she said, "Awesome things." Her only complaint was she couldn't go on Friday. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

This girl

This girl cracks me up. So I thought I would share some of the things that come out of her mouth.

Fishing for compliments
Emerson requested to "fix" my hair. She spent time "braiding" it. When she was done she went up the stairs and turned to me and said, "Mommy, did you braid your hair all by yourself? You did a great job."

"No, Emerson you did my hair."

Emerson, "Oh, well thank you Mommy."

Dessert anyone

Emerson asked me what kind of ice cream would I like. I thought we were playing a pretend game so I got along and say strawberry. Then she agrees that strawberry is a great flavor. She asks me if we have any and when I say no she tells me I can go to the store and buy some since I want it. Did I just get swindled into buying ice cream??

Story time

The other night I was reading to the kids before bedtime. Ezra picks out a fairly long Cars book that has all the sound buttons. 

"Ezra that's loud for tonight."

Emerson: "Mom, you don't have to push them then."

"Thanks smarty."

Emerson: "My name's not Marty. When I was a baby you didn't name me Marty you named me Emerson."

"Thanks for clearing that up."


Me: "Is that what you are wearing?"

Emerson: "Yes, I'm going to look ridiculous all day."


Monday, August 12, 2013

20-22 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks

Here is an update on baby number 3. We have passed the halfway point and the baby has gone through a recent growth spurt. Clothes that were too big in the middle of July fit now and things that fit in July are now too small. I've started my starvation phase where I'm famished right before bedtime. So I have to eat a bowl of cereal or ice cream to hold me over until morning. Pretty much all food sounds good to me right now but recently banana pudding has a been a craving, as well as Utz ripple chips. I have been feeling pretty good but starting to feel the heaviness of my belly. Bending over isn't that easy anymore, or getting up off the floor. So picking up toys all day is no easy task! I've had occasional hip pain but still have had an easy pregnancy so far. Three weeks ago we had an ultrasound and the baby looked great. We decided to keep the gender a surprise this time around so we had to turn our heads a couple times. I kinda feel like it's a girl but I would say my intuition is not very good. Even though we have a boy and a girl I have zero newborn warm clothes. So the plan is to pick up a few warm sleepers in tiny sizes in a neutral color. Then I'll have a headband handy in case it's a girl. Emerson thinks she is having a sister so I let her get the baby a girly sleeper on consignment. She was excited I didn't have the heart to tell her no. Movement has finally picked up I can feel the baby a few times a day. Nothing as active as Emerson. But, I'm not sure that it's possible for another baby to be as energetic as her. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks where I can feel strong kicks. I'll also have to be on the lookout for maternity clothes as it seems the growth is not slowing down anytime soon. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ezra 2 Years Old


I figured I should update on Ezra being two before he is three! Seriously, my goal before December is to finish his first year baby book. I'm just so behind! Anyways Ezra is a little dude now. He talks like crazy. Full sentences with a huge vocabulary. Yesterday, he told me he needed privacy in the bathroom. I was at a lost for words. Ha! He loves to tell us stories about what's going on and they are so elaborate. One of my favorite things right now is he answers, "Otay Mommy," to everything. It's so sweet. Yes, he mispronounces okay as otay. I don't mess with that cuteness. He also calls his bathing suit, a "bathing soup". Lately, he has been saying, "Be nice to me," and he gets a stern look. Usually directed at a certain sister. Ezra can express how he is feeling and will tell me he is sad and exactly why. I find that remarkable at such a young age. He's very caring and always asks everyone if they are okay, or what happened. I hear that about 20 times a day. "What happened Mommy?" He adores Emerson and is heartbroken when she does things without him. Of course they do fight but are still very close. He still calls her sister and not Emerson. Lately he has become Daddy obsessed. He loves, loves to play with Mark and have him read books to him. Finally, he is sleeping through the night. Praise the Lord! It only took two years but now he goes down fairly easy. He does sleep with about 3 cars, 5 stuffed animals, 2 blankets, 2 books, and a bottle of water. You can never forget the water. He chugs, and chugs all day long. Ezra eats like a grown man. I've never seen a child so hungry. Or as he likes to say, "I hungy." He is a big meat and carb eater. On the weekends he can really put down pancakes and eggs. He absolutely loves peanuts, or any other kind of nut. In that last couple months he has really gotten into super heros. He is obsessed with batman, superman, and spiderman. I got him a vintage spiderman shirt and he bawls when he has to take it off at night. It's fun to see his personality emerge more and more each month. Here are some peaks at his cuteness.



model pose

shaggy and sweet


His stern side. Ha!

Monday, July 15, 2013

What's new?

One of the biggest updates around here is the expansion of our little family! Ezra will be a big brother come Christmas time and Emerson is thrilled to reprise her role as big sister. She started out adamant about a little sister and has since changed her tune to a desire for her brother. Ezra just looks at me and says, "Baby?," and walks away. Thats about the extent of his interest. Ha!

I had every intention of keeping track of belly pictures. I started showing immediately so I waited until 10 weeks to take a picture so it wouldn't be so embarrassing. Then a whopping 8 weeks later I realized I had forgotten to take anymore. So of course there is a big jump in size. This pregnancy so far has been my easiest. I had very little first trimester symptoms to the point I would forget I was pregnant. Tolerable nausea and that's about it. Second trimester has brought hip pain galore.  Cravings have included; greek food, olives, baby corn, salads with tahini dressing, nutter butters,  and burgers. I'm still trying to squeeze into non maternity clothes occasionally. I don't have a lot of summer maternity from the prior pregnancies. I went to Wal-Mart and bought 3 large tank tops and they have held me over for the time being. We are really excited to welcome a new member of the family! Especially Miss E.!