Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Halloween!

So we are a little late on the Halloween post. Ezra had a couple costume options. I had bought a cowboy costume last  year on clearance. But, mistakenly I bought Emerson's size, not his. With some alterations it could work. He was as cute as can be and he seemed gun ho on being a cowboy. His other option was a spider man costume we had for dress-up. I was more weary of Emerson who had started to not like dress-up because it was "itchy," and told me she wanted to dress up as herself for Halloween. So I put all my efforts into convincing her that her fairy costume was awesome.

I even looked up fairy face painting online and we came up with this. I added shimmer eye shadow and some sparkle gloss to make it exciting. She found a crown and determine she would be the queen fairy. Then after all that handwork Ezra was the one who refused his costume. He cried and cried. 

So while I was taking Emerson's pictures before trick or treating Ezra was pouting on the porch. 

We got into the posing

Luckily it was warm enough not to wear tights. 

Finally Ezra was convinced to put his costume on, no mask. Here they are trick or treating at Mark's work. Obviously this was pre haircut. :)

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