Monday, November 18, 2013

Fresh Trims

The past week everyone got fresh haircuts. Emerson went first and requested a short do. I was shocked at the request of a girl who has been wanting to grow her hair out for a year. But, I love it shorter so we compromised with an above the shoulder bob. She wanted chin length but I knew she would have some regret with that after all the fuss over princess hair.

She was really modest about showing off her new do. She looked over and saw the dryer that you pull over your head and asked the lady if she could sit in it and change her hair. I think she was ready for color and all!

Ezra had the biggest change getting inches off his locks. It had grown so much in the past two months I was ready for it to be chopped a bit. He was perfect in the chair, following his big sis. I didn't get more pictures of him since I was preoccupied trying to get him to look a certain way so it wasn't completely crooked. He even got his neck trimmed and I must say he looks handsome!

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