Friday, May 28, 2010

15 months old

Emerson is 15 months now. It just sounds like a much more mature age doesn't it? Not so much baby anymore. Emerson has gone through numerous changes in the last month. Most importantly walking. She is a full time walker, an almost runner plowing through our house. I've been seriously impressed with how stable and balanced she is. I guess that's what happens when you walk with someone's finger for months!As a result of walking she has discovered climbing. Trying to get on top of anything she can. One of my favorite things is if she sees me now she will run over and put her arms around my neck. Oh the love. She also loves to give kisses, especially to babies, and lay her head on top of someone else as a sign of affection. Even the dog gets love! She really enjoys books now and can even say, ''book." She constantly goes over to her chair pulls out a book and sits down to "read." It's so cute but of course she always tries to taste the book as well. Emerson loves to play ball and is constantly calling for one. She can even put the ball in a small basketball goal we have. She's not really into playing with dolls yet instead sticks to a shape sorter or musical toys. Emerson has definitely become a Daddy's girl constantly calling for him during the day and always thinks he is on the other end of the phone. When I tell him she is home she will shake her head back and forth and pant like a dog in excitement. I think she has been observing Mia too much. We just finished up our swim class and she loves the water. We even went to the pool yesterday and she was beyond ecstatic and had a blast splashing around. Her language development has definitely taken off as she will try to repeat a lot of words. Last week she said bowl, puzzle, door, and okay. I just love hearing her sweet voice. She is still a full fledged animal lover and goes crazy to encounter any furry creature. Her hair is growing like a weed and if she would let me put clips in it she wouldn't definitely be sporting some new hair do's. I'm excited for this summer and to see her change and grow. We love you Emerson and the little toddler you are becoming!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little update

Emerson has been wild this past week. Into everything and she basically thinks she is three.
She keeps trying to walk down the incline of our small yard but she doesn't quite have that kind of balance yet. So she just gently bounces on her head and gets back up. Over and over and over. At least she is persistent!
This girl loves to be outside.
She also loves dog toys. Emerson is obsessed with Mia's tennis ball and thrower. You can see how thrilled she was to have it in her possession.
Apparently found a plastic bag along the way too. So if your toddler is bored look at petsmart for the hottest toy.
"Should I pick it up or leave it?"
This past weekend we went to three parties! We were super busy. But, celebrating is never a bad thing. Although I'm on cake overload. First we had a friend's 30th birthday where I had a moment of bad judgement and gave Emerson a taste of chocolate. To say she liked it is an understatement. She basically went into convulsions when I wouldn't give her more. Not like I gave her much to begin with. Think pin size. Seriously, she is truly Mark's baby. Ha! Next up we went to my Grandma's 81st birthday party. Emerson was sassy and picky. She wanted everything off the food table but only to throw it in the floor! There was a kitten there so it made up for her irritation with my food selections. Apparently celery isn't her favorite. Last we went to my niece Avery's 1st birthday party. Emerson had a blast since it was at her favorite park. Although I think she thought it was her birthday since she tried to take all the presents. She even gave Avery a sweet kiss! Or kisses. She didn't want to stop giving the love! This is toddler language for Happy Birthday. Tomorrow is Emerson will be 15 months old. Friday we have her check-up. I sure hope our Dr. is ready for my monstrous list of questions. "Why doesn't my baby sleep?" "Why won't she eat any food but eat her books?" "Is it normal for her to bite me and laugh?" Oh the fun. Any guesses on her stats. She was 16lbs even 2 months ago. I have not a clue. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The importance of reading

In our house we think reading is very important. From an early age I have tried to spark an interest of books in Emerson. Seriously, I use to read to her when she was a month old. Now that she is a mature 14 month old she is reading often on her own.
Studying, and taking in all the knowledge that is available to her.
Really digesting the meaning of the words.
I'm so proud of her for her eageriness to learn.
Sometimes it's nice to just curl up with a good book.
And take it all in.
"I thought we weren't suppose to chew things?!??"
I will try not to make all my pictures seventies style. Although it's so tempting. Here is one a la natural.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

One of those days

I just had one of those days yesterday. The kind where you sorta feel off. First we headed out to Target to get mason jars for some homemade jam. Turns out they were sold out and instead I came home with a massive box of honey nut cheerios, smores goldfish, and a yellow sundress for Emerson. I think she has had too many trips to Target because as we were shopping she kept trying to grab things off the sales rack. Then when I walked away she held her hands out saying, "No, no." This time I made sure I had a cart with a seatbelt after our escape attempt at the last trip. But, alas Emerson is a tiny gal and as I was pushing she stood up and faced forward with her hands raised in the air clapping. Perhaps we should take a shopping safety 101 class. The whole time we were there she kept waving and saying Dada. Apparently it looks like a place where he would be. She doesn't do it anywhere else. Ha! I ended up leaving with nothing I needed and still having to stop for jars. Finally I had to stop at Earthfare for the third time in two days to get the jars I wanted to avoid getting in the first place since I thought they would be elsewhere cheaper. I have a feeling they clerks there think I'm crazy.
We came home and got ready for our Produce Box deliveries. It was nap time and Emerson was not really in the mood to wait around. So nothing else was going to distract her except a trip outside. She literally ran away from me trying to eat every rock and trash in sight.
Finally we got our boxes and I found Emerson opening one and eating lettuce out of it. Unwashed, straight from the farm lettuce. Awesome. After a long afternoon we got back around 4pm. I went to get my hair cut which I was pretty excited about. Apparently everyone thinks I'm 18 because the stylist started talking about how she hated kids and kept asking me about UNC. Ha! I was too tired to correct her and say, "Hey lady, I'm almost 27 and I'm a proud Mama!" Wow, I've had some weird hair stylist interactions this week. I left the salon and my phone completely went black and froze so I couldn't use it. Bizarre! So anyways I'm just out of whack this week. Emerson had another bad night of sleep. I'm so confused since sometimes she will sleep 7 hours at a time then sometimes, like last night, will flip out of if I lay her down. Of course the one night I decide to make strawberry jam she is restless as can be. So picture me holding a baby in one hand, while trying to boil jars with my other hand. This maybe why my left elbow hurts so bad. Haha. Ok I'm done venting. I'm going to try to get out of my pj's now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little share

I just read this blog , "Putting order on the tongue", from Courtney at Women living well. I found it extremely insightful so I wanted to pass it along. Definitely a must read for every woman. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day together. Mark made me a yummy breakfast then we had brunch at the country club where I stuffed my face with tons of food. Don't worry the brunch was at 1pm so I didn't double up too much. Emerson enjoyed walking all over the place and wore herself out if you can't tell by this picture. By the way Emerson is wearing my dress from when I was little and I thought she looked oh so sweet.
This is our photo from last Mother's Day where she is also wearing my baby outfit! I love this picture so much that Mark and Emerson got me an iphone cover with this picture on it. I was so surprised because I had never seen anything like it. Now I can look back everyday to how tiny my Little E. was on my first Mother's Day. Such a wonderful memory!

Here is part of the brunch crowd. The MIL, Grand-MIL, myself, and tired E.
Our new family picture.

I've pretty given up that we will ever have a picture of all three of us looking at the same time. Well maybe for a few years at least.

Father and daughter enjoying the outdoors. Check out Emerson's new shoes!
This year I'm even more grateful for the gift of motherhood. I've been beyond blessed to be able to take care of Emerson everyday, to see her milestones, and to be called Mama. I love her so much and I'm grateful for this wonderful time with her. It's only been 14 months and I can't imagine my life without her. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A walk in the park

Friday I took Emerson to the park. We needed some time outside to have some fun.
Little did I know she thought it was the perfect time to start full on walking!

On pavement none the less.
She would fall after about 10 steps but, got right back up to try again.
I could not believe how persistent she was. The same little girl who just yesterday would cry if I asked her to walk was acting like she had been doing it all along.
I was so proud of her and she was so excited on her new development.
I guess it finally clicked!
We have a few scraps from the falls but all in all she did well.
Since we were so excited I took her on a Mother/Daughter shoe shopping trip and we got new walking shoes!
Wow, now she is really a toddler!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just another manic....everyday

It's been a little "manic" around here lately. To say Emerson has had a rough couple of days would be an understatement. The arrival of first year molars, and perhaps a little bug has been all too much for this little girl to handle.
A fever on Sunday followed by several nights of poor sleeping has left us tired and cranky.
Of course this results in Mommy guilt and feelings of failure. It got me thinking with the coming up of Mother's Day how many women have gone through this. Sleepless nights aren't anything new or specific to just our household. Even though sometimes it can feel like that.
So even though it's been rough I try to focus on that it's not just me, and "this too shall pass." Today I will get rid of my poor me feelings and be thankful for this beautiful baby.

The sweet baby that even kisses her baby.
That scrunches up her nose when she is thrilled.
That gives me sweet looks while turning her head.
The little one who burst in sweet laughter and makes my day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The view from the porch

Last weekend I enjoyed being outside.
On the porch taking in the view...
of Carolina Blue skies
and of birds flying through the air. Some more life like than this guy.
Gorgeous Blooms...
in vibrant colors.

It's good for the soul.

How to make a killer pizza

Emerson is getting molars and we've had a rough couple nights of sleep or lack there of. So instead of a baby update filled with whining I thought I would share some pizza secrets. I'm by no means a great cook. But, I do love food. Healthy, easy, and flavorful food. One of my favorite things to make is homemade pizza. So much so that we rarely order pizza take-out since mine tastes so much better! Not bragging, it's just the truth. Last night I added a few new ingredients in to my concoction and I must say it was awesome. First thing is first though I start out with a store bought crust. One that is already baked is easier in my opinion and we don't have a rolling pin so it works out. Next, is the sauce. Pasta sauce is so much better than the "pizza sauce." It's filled with herbs and flavor that add so much to the pizza. For an alternative to red sauce sometimes I use pesto, or Neufeutchel cheese for a white pizza. Next is the cheese. I don't really think this one out too much. Basically whatever I have in the fridge. So here is what I made last night. Started off with pizza crust.

  • Brushed with some olive oil
  • I used some Muir Glen tomato and basil pasta sauce
  • Next I chopped up some fresh spring onions finally and added them to the sauce.
  • I added a little bit of Mexican cheese. Sounds weird with my other toppings but it worked.
  • Next I chopped up some organic mushrooms, threw them on.
  • I added some fresh spinach, that I happened to have on hand. I usually use frozen spinach that works perfectly too.
  • I then added some feta cheese, and Parmesan.
  • I walked out to my new herb garden and picked some fresh basil, and something else I'm not sure what it was but it was unusually fragrant. Perhaps sage? One thing is for sure I should have had labels.
  • I then added just a touch of dry parsley. If you don't have fresh herbs lots of dried herbs work too. Herbs are the key to killer pizza.
  • I baked it in the oven at 425 F on a pizza stone for 7-9 minutes. This is based off my particular crust. You can do more or less depending on your preference. Mark likes crispy pizza so I do a little extra watching carefully not to burn.
So voila! A homemade pizza that is awesome. I had never used spring onions before but I must say it added a wonderful flavor to the pizza. Here are some combinations I frequent

Mexican pizza
-Refried black beans
-Spices (cumin, chili powder)
-Mexican cheese
- Rotel
-Black Olives
- Hot sauce sprinkled
- Sour Cream to garnish

Pesto pizza
- Pesto as sauce
- Mozzarella/Parm cheese
-Roasted Red peppers
-Artichoke hearts
-Frozen or fresh spinach
-A few slices of tomato
- Herbs ( Basil, Oregano)

The great thing is you can change up any ingredient. I make it up as I go and it's always good. Some fun ingredients include roasted vegetables, broccoli, pineapple, chicken, and anything in your imagination! So go make some pizza tonight!