Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roley Poley

She can't be stopped. She rolled from tummy-to-back pretty early but only did it every so often. But, I guess since now she can roll the other way it is much more fun. Anytime I have place her on her back today she has rolled over. Which leaves for difficult diaper changes. I usually put on her baby gym for entertainment while I fix some food, etc. But, today when I look over she is 3 feet from where I put her in a completely different direction. Plus she would keep rolling until she end up stuck up against a piece of furniture. We've started a whole new chapter in babyhood.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Giraffe didn't see it coming

Recap of Growth
March 27th, 2009
April 27th, 2009
May 27th, 2009
June 27, 2009
I was trying to have the giraffe sit beside her each month to show her grow but Emerson disagrees. This month she decided attacking the poor giraffe would be more fun. 
What? Is this not what you wanted?
I think I'll just lay down for this one. Thanks.

We had Emerson's check-up today and she weighs a whopping 10lb 12oz and is 24 inches long. Her weight gain has been so on track the past few months, at almost a pound exactly each month. I had to take a 4 month development assessment and Emerson is achieving all her goals. Why wouldn't our little wonder baby? Oh, and by the way she rolled from back to tummy this morning. So she now is able to keep going. Dangerous for us, fun for her. This month has been entertaining for us. Emerson has started to laugh and really seems to enjoy our company. She always smiles at me first thing in the morning when we wake up. Such a morning girl. ( She doesn't get that from me! ) Even at 6am I feel some eyes staring at me so I wake up and she is grinning from ear to ear like, "Oh good you're up!" It's the best feeling in the world to have your baby be happy you just looked at her. This month she has also been super grabby. She pulls her toys, or pretty much anything in her perimeter and puts them in her mouth. She even pulled a dress off the clearance rack at target. I like to start shopping training pretty early. Emerson has two favorite toys at the moment. Her yellow duck, and her Blue Octopus which plays music that will drive an adult nuts but entertain a baby for "minutes" on end. It's hilarious to see her get so excited at her toys and bring them in for a little hug and nibble. I have also found Emerson to be a dog lover. She stares at Mia and babbles. Today she even reached out at her and started laughing. Mia's reaction was, "Oh crap, she is after me now!" Emerson also loves music of any kind, and silly singing. Mark sings to her in spanish. I think he forgets speaking english is also favorable to children living in the US. :) But, all in all she is the perfect baby. I still insist she is super easy to take care of, rarely cries (If she does there IS a reason), and is a pleasure to be around. Right now I'm holding my sweet baby while she recovers from her vaccines. She's a trooper!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Month Pictures

Classy in Pearls
My favorite thing~sweet baby feet
Why is she smiling?

Because her Daddy is singing to her probably in spanish.
Here are some of the best pictures from Emerson's photoshoot on Saturday to commemorate her 4 month birthday. Can you believe it? Because I can't! I must say she is an excellent model. I'll have her official 4 month post later today once we go to the Dr. for her check-up. :)  I have my post-it ready with about 10 questions. I'm so glad we have the nicest most attentive Ped. in the triangle, in my opinion. We might possibly get one vaccine today so pray for no tears. My tears I mean. ;)

** Adjustment- Some of the pictures are getting cut off. I'm not that bad at taking pictures. Ha. Sorry about the clipping. Mark is really in that one picture, not just his nose. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

She hearts her thumb

Emerson has taken to her thumb in the past couple of days. She decided it's 10x better than a paci. Which can be good and bad. A self-soothing baby that can put themselves to sleep is a thumbs up in my book. No pun intended. But, then again thumb sucking can be a very long habit. I won't dwell on that now because it is very cute. Even better in the car I won't have to strain myself trying to put her paci back in for her when she loses it.  Not only is she putting her thumb in her mouth it's basically anything within grabbing radius. 
Mia, watch out! Emerson is coming for ya!

By the way. Look how big she has gotten!

But, she is still just one happy baby. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Charleston Part 1

Don't they look handsome?
Our new friend
Church downtown
This was pretty much Emerson's reaction to the giant fish at the aqarium
Or this.
That is face of a very tired baby. She let me have it soon after. :)

Here are a few pictures from Charleston. I'm working on editing more. We just have a lot and it can be time consuming. But, I do enjoy doing it when you know I'm not taking care of my baby.I I use to always be jealous of everyone's great pictures. But, now I know 90% of them don't come out looking that way. They are perfected in post production. Anyways, Mark took most of these, so we'll give him credit. :) Except for the one he is in of course, and the goat. 

Whos Bad? Emerson's Bad

Whoa, someone is watching

I'm sure everyone has heard the shocking news of Michael Jackson's passing. In our house we are pretty big fans. If you've ever been at a wedding with us you have probably seen my husband break it down MJ style. So of course we wanted to celebrate this huge music icon. Mark and Emerson danced away to some classic Jackson tunes. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A few of my new favorites

A borrowed bow from cousin Avery

Sweet little smiles
Her serious pose
Not sure what she is looking at?
I just love taking pictures of Emerson. She makes it so easy. Have you ever seen a better model? As you can see I've got sucked in to all the unnecessary girly bows. The top green one is barely hanging on to one hair but since she was sleeping it allowed for a perfect photo opt. I've already decided she will wear something like this for her 6-8 month old photo shoot. A little ridiculous but, if you can't be ridiculous as a baby when can you? Emerson can pull it off while I cannot sadly. :) I hope to take some fun pics on Friday for her 4 month birthday. So I'll have to ponder something cute. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Been around the world

Well, more like around the south. It's been awhile since my last post because we have been busy! We have been home for a total of 3 days out of the past 9.  We got back at 11:30 last night, Emerson woke up at 9am today and is on her second nap. Insisting on sleeping in my lap cuddled up because she is just plain wore out. I'm just going to give a little summary of all we did since I'm suffering from heat exhaustion and honestly it would take forever to tell everything. :) So here it goes. 

-Emerson went to the beach for the first time
-We all went to the OBX for the first time
-Emerson endured (4) four hour car rides (pretty successfully I might add)
-Emerson met her cousins and Aunt Brandy for the 1st time
-We went to Charleston
-Rode in a horse drawn carriage
-Saw dolphins
-Went to a wedding
-Emerson blew bubbles and made rasberries for hours on end
-We were constantly stopped by baby adorers, obviously.
-We visited 2 national parks and 1 plantation
-I had to say my almost 4 month, old not 3 month old :(
-Mark celebrated his 1st Fathers Day
-Endured days in 100 degree weather
-Emerson put her paci back in herself
-I smuggled M&M's in my sling creating a choclate mess on my baby
-Emerson chuckled away at her Grandpa ( I don't get a laugh bc I'm merely her food supply)
-I finally fitted into my regular shorts! Woo hoo. 

So as you can see we were super busy. We're looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this w.e. but laying on the couch. Recovery time is much needed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How do I look?

This is Emerson's oversized hat but, she seems to like it. Is it just me or has she started to play to the camera? Ha. She was acting pretty calm then as soon as I pull the camera out she is blowing bubbles and kicking all around. She is such a goofball. 

**Update on disappointment**

After reading this I don't think I can really be that disappointed. Haha. Leave it to internet stalking to put it into perspective. But, really don't read this if you are currently pregnant. It will very likely frighten you. MckMamas Birth Story


Every once in awhile I will start having feelings of disappointment in myself and Emerson's labor. This time I think it is related to me going to La Leche and hearing other women's stories which is bringing up old memories. Don't misunderstand me I've really been enjoying La Leche meetings. It makes me feel normal. Not sure what it is but women who are really into breastfeeding seem to be more likely to co-sleep, want natural births, alternative vaccine schedule, baby wear, etc. Anyways on to my point. :) Somehow I feel cheated that I had to have an epidural, not being able to have the experience I wanted. After some research I think my body saw the pitocin as attacking my body, and went into defense mode to try to keep Emerson in. Which I guess in theory is good, keeping your baby in before it's cooked. So while one set of muscles were contracting the opposing muscles held strong to prevent progression. Uggggh. Before I had Emerson I had watched "The Business of Being Born" and learned about how much pitocin stinks and really didn't want it. But, in the end I had no choice but to induce and my body had no choice but to fight it. After 21 hours of labor, contractions back to back with not a thing going on I kind of felt helpless. It is true that at that point you are very suggestible. So when my midwife suggested to get and epidural to progress I agreed. It did work with Emerson being born 3 hours later, progressing 6cm in 2 hours. But, I'm still left to wonder what would have happened if I had said no? Waited it out a little bit? Would I still have had the same outcome? I guess I will never know and I'm stuck with these "What if" thoughts. Maybe getting them off my chest will quieten them for awhile. It doesn't make it any better that a Doula told me that she heard IntraUterine Growth Restrictions thrown around a lot now. She thinks it is just because they have more advanced measuring techniques, not really that it is a problem. Thanks I feel much better to know that there could have been nothing wrong she was just petite. Oh well. Next time I hope to be very very pregnant before I give birth. I can say that now. :) That's all for the downer of the day, now on to more cheery things like cute pictures of my baby. Did I mention she is cute as can be?!? 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Survey Says....

60% of you say that Emerson is the perfect blend of Mark and I. 30% say she looks like Mark, and I got a 10% pity vote and no I didn't vote for myself. :) No one thought she was too cute to be ours, so thanks! Haha. I just threw that in there for some humor. Anyways I'm going to delete that poll and add a new one. New question is....."What color will Emerson's eyes be?" I think I'll keep this running for around 3 months since by then you can really tell the direction they will be. I think is the key phrase here. They are definitely different than when she was born but I won't give you my opinion because I don't want to influence you. Hehe. Chances are I will be wrong anyways. So please go and vote. It entertains me. :)Yay! The internet is working so here is my newly taken picture. I learned how to do vignetting in photoshop so I'm super excited. I know I'm completely biased but she is the cutest baby ever!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Too much pressure?

If you read my previous post you know that Emerson rolled over. The first day it was about 5 times, the second day 2 times, the third day once. After that she has completely gotten over the idea of rolling over. Maybe if she had only rolled over one time I would think it was a fluke but it was pretty consistent. I'm not sure if this total lack of interest is normal. Perhaps Emerson is just showing me she does what she wants to. Hehe. Here is a picture of her enjoying not rolling over when I encourage her. Because posts without pics aren't quite as fun. Just kidding. My internet is failing me. Ugggghhhh.....Maybe there will pictures later if it improves!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

She'll sleep anywhere

Nursery Floor
In the bathroom

She sleeps on the couch, stroller, carseat, baby gym, sling, swing, yet she just stares and babbles to the bedding in her crib. Go figure. At least it entertains her. I'm pretty sure she is convinced the birds on it are real. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Baby and Boxer Holding Hands | myLifetime.com

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Maybe Mia and Emerson will become good pals like this.

Am I the only one?

Who thinks that starting a 3-4 month old on solids is good idea? I've read so many "baby blogs" where mom's are starting their babies already on rice cereal, bananas, etc. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has read the recommendation for the second half of the first year of life. Meaning after 6 months not necessarily starting at 6 months and definitely not 4. I plan on delaying solids a bit because I've done a lot of research on how it's better for the digestive system, and helps prevent allergies. I'm sure our Ped. won't have a problem with that since she is pretty crunchy. :) Now if I could just get my vaccine research done. Ugh.... I still don't have any of the books yet and I really need to get things sorted out before her 4 month appointment. Emerson hasn't had any vaccines at our request. Even the hospital asked me a good 5 times if I wanted her to have the HepB shot. I haven't had the least bit of worry about it considering I exclusively breastfeed giving her the best immune system possible. My gut is to still delay longer based off research on how all the chemicals can effect developing children's brains under a year. I'm not as concerned with autism since the basis for that argument is mostly based on mercury which isn't in vaccines anymore. But, I know a lot of people link it to the MMR combination shot (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) which administers live viruses. Although I've heard they will be bringing back the separate shots in 2011. Decisions, decisions. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

She rolls!

Pushing off
Whoa, how did that happen?!?

Being modest about her accomplishment

Little chica rolled from her tummy to back today. She then proceeded to do it two more times once I flipped her back. She can't roll back to front....yet.  But, now I can't get her to do it anymore. I guess 2 shows is enough. Hopefully she can regain some energy for tonight to show her Daddy! I got so excited when she did it I think I scared her to death. Here are some pictures. These are her second roll. Of course Mia was observing and found it quite interesting.

Our day in the park

Little Feet
Talking away!

Saturday Emerson's Grandpa Randy and Nannie came to visit her so we decided to take a trip to Duke Gardens. We went a few weeks ago, or a month??? Time is running together. :) But, anyways it is still beautiful with tons of flowers blooming. We had a nice picnic in the shade and Emerson took a nice nap with all the nature sounds. Here are a few pics of our day or you can go here to see almost all of them. If you are wondering Mark took all the good pictures. Ha. I can't get the camera when he is around. Hehe.