Thursday, September 25, 2014

This is a way overdue post but summer got away from me. Here are pictures from Emerson's recital. She was sugar in Mary Poppins! We are so very proud of her. 

She totally rocked it this year and was really excited for the show. 

She was a smitten with Jane who danced with her class. See the ear to ear grin. Emerson really had an amazing time. When we picked her up she was bouncing off the walls and asked to go get a pizza. It was almost 10pm! I guess the adrenaline was running high.
Here she is at the rehearsal!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haven 8 Months

Somehow this girl turned 8 months. What?!

She's pretty happy about it though. Isn't she the most scrumptious baby in the world?

These pictures were taken during our drooly phase. We now have two bottom teeth and two top ones almost through. 

So since the last update this gal become mobile. Sometime at the end of July she started pulling herself around. Official army crawler. She seems to be much happier that way, able to explore.

Her hair is coming in quickly. I think she has as much hair as Emerson did at a year and at this age Ezra was completely bald. 

She's babbling a lot and saying lots of ba sounds. 

Blowing bubbles is also fun.

"Hi there" 
Sometimes she throws her hand up in the air and I like to think she is waving. She also recently discovered clapping and of course it's adorable. You would think it would be old news to see a baby learn new things but still amazing.

Her profile

"Wait, who's there?"

"We have a dog?!?"
She has been super thrilled with Mia. She starts giggling when she sees her and now that she's mobile it's on.  She had a check up at 7 months and was 15lbs 6oz maybe and 26 inches. She really is such a delight. Happy, giggly and cuddly. Oh, and she likes to eat. A lot. She hasn't really said no to anything yet. Her fave right now is pears. The other day Emerson asked me, " Why does she always stop crying when you give her food?" Because she likes food a lot. Happy 8 months Haven!