Monday, November 30, 2009

Sums it up

I think this pretty much sums up how Emerson feels about me taking her picture now days. At least she looks cute!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday baby! Emerson is now 9 months old and 75% of the way to being 1. Can you believe it? This last time year I was quite big and Emerson was bouncing around in my tummy at the sound of Christmas music and all the sweets I was eating. As you can tell by the pictures above she has changed quite a bit. I thought she was into as much as she could get a month ago but I was wrong. She is into more! She is crawling around even faster, standing up rather well, and climbing everything in her path. She still predominantly does the army crawl but can also do all fours if she chooses. Now she can get down from standing to sitting which I think is a big accomplishment. She can cruise a little bit around the couch and ottoman, working on those walking skills. In combination with that if she hears music she bounces up and down. Too cute. She is constantly chasing us and climbing our legs. Subtle, huh? Emerson babbles, grunts, giggles a lot. She is saying mama rather frequently along with the dadadas, and bababas. She's such a happy girl and is smiling all the time and claps when she gets excited. It's more of a closed hand clap instead of the regular kind. She also waves by flapping her arm up and down. Her favorite activities include swinging in the park, playing with her hairbrush, being tossed in the air, tearing up paper, pushing buttons, and chasing the dog. I think in a few years we might be in trouble with how much she loves animals. Always guaranteed to get a smile and squeals of excitement. I think she has grown a lot in the last month just due to how her clothes have been fitting or should I say not fitting? We are going to the pediatrician on Friday for her weigh in. Any guesses? At 7 months she was 13lbs. I'm going to guess 14lb 5oz. But, don't go off me. I was way off last time.
Happy Birthday Emerson Kaye. You are such a joy in our lives.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So, if you were looking to get Emerson a present she'll take apples. Not to eat silly but to play with. We gave her one this w.e. and it kept her occupied for a very long time. It's like her own baby size ball! She carried it around while crawling. Threw it, chased it. Wow, if I knew this was all it took to keep her out of trouble I would have tried it a long time ago.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two front teeth

This has to be the cutest out of focus, noisy, poor framed pictures ever. Good thing I have an adorable model! Of course at one of the rare times Emerson decides to smile for the camera my focus is so off, and I'm shooting in jpeg not raw. Oh well. I guess that's how it goes. I had to share it anyways because you can see her new teeth and who can resist that smile? She's so scrumptious I could just eat her up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

sit still please

So I said I would try to get pictures of her new diaper and I did! But, not without a lot of work. Whew! Emerson is quick. I found it pretty much impossible to get her to just sit for 2 seconds while I took a picture.
Note to self. Do not leave the camera bag in view. Huge baby distraction!
I've determined that either 1. Emerson doesn't know her name or 2. She totally ignores me. I'm not really sure which is worse...
I serious was saying her name repeatedly and making funny noises for 10 minutes.
It's clean Mia, I promise.
"Geez Mia, give me some space!"

2 seconds later she was all up in my lense.
Then determined to tear up some books. We desperately need a bookshelf that is above 3 feet.

Thought she might sit in her crib but, no.
Back view.
"Hmmmm. Is anyone watching?"
"Ok I'll go for it"
Someone's here!
Ahhh, Dad's home!

Mark is the blue blur in the right corner. Two minutes later when I was reviewing the pictures on my camera Emerson ate a page out of a notebook on that shelf. When people say you can't take your eyes off them for one second it's no joke!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I haven't posted in a week because shockingly I haven't taken any pictures. Crazy, right? Oh well I am cheating and posting these pictures from last week. Isn't she sweet?
I wish I slept this peacefully.
Who knew a bean bag and a boppy was so comfy?
Anyways, we have almost finished christmas shopping for Emerson. I've never been this ahead on holiday shopping. We visited a local boutique and got her a wooden xylophone and a wooden caterpillar that you can move around. There was a little play area there where kids could play and Emerson had a blast. I tried to introduce some toys to her that I was thinking of getting and she more interested in a big monster truck. Go figure!

I was a little bummed they didn't have these Haba Discovery Blocks. I just think they are so adorable and fun. Besides, Dr. Sears says blocks are the best toys for babies so I hope it holds true for us. I'm still on the lookout to find them locally and if not I'll just order online. Christmas has come a little early this year for Little E. bringing her 3 bumgenius diapers. So hopefully we can say see ya to disposables. No leaks last night trying them out for the first time and of course the night before when I used a sposie she had a blow-out! Hopefully I can sneak a picture of her cute new bum very soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy Days

Man, this rain has thrown us for a loop! Although we couldn't go outside and play all week Emerson still enjoyed the rain. She stood at the door for almost 30 minutes watching the rain drops beat down.
Who knew rain was so entertaining?
Since outside play was a wash out, we took a trip to Target.
I've come to expect Emerson to scream in the carseat to voice her objection. To my surprise I didn't hear a peep out of her. I thought surely she is passed out but, nope. She was wide awake, relaxed as can be.
She was an angel on our shopping trip.
On the way home she fell asleep with the rain beating against the window. She then proceeded to nap for 2 hours! E. never takes a very long afternoon nap. So I was sure thankful. She made a few whimpers and I got her out. She slept on my chest and I was brought back to those newborn days.
So maybe rain isn't so bad after all. But, next time we can do without the 4 day downpour.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cloth diaper success!

It's probably not what you're thinking. We've been using cloth diapers for 8 months now and I've been very pleased. But, last night we used a cloth diaper at night and IT WORKED! Of course we didn't use our usual prefolds but we used Emerson's new Happy Heiny diaper. It's a pocket diaper and I put two of the inserts in it with a fleece liner. Her behind was sooo huge. That is not an exaggeration. We wondered how she could sleep with her butt so round but, she did. This is a picture of the diaper she has although I don't have velcro on mine. I had to put it one the smallest size possible. Really? Is Emerson still that small? I guess so.

This was our nighttime test run before I bought anymore. So we might get two more so we can cloth diaper every night and say goodbye to disposables. I'm thinking getting the bumgenius pocket or maybe another happy heiny. Since we can use these until she is potty trained we'll definitely save some money in the long run.

Next up we have to get a new size run of our prefolds. I'm kind of dreading prepping a whole thing of diapers all over again but, I'm very thankful we have used the other ones for going on 8 months. Far past what I ever expected. I'm thinking we will get 18 prefolds, 3 fitteds, and 4-5 covers. Maybe three bummis brites and one thirstie. I like the bummis brites because they have leg gussets, as do the thirsties. Thirsties don't fit Emerson as well as Bummis but hold up awesome. We could survive on 4 covers but 5 is definitely better. That should last until she is potty trained because I don't see my 14 pounder reaching 30 pounds anytime soon. Do you?
Since I am sure you would rather see Emerson than diapers I'll leave you with this picture. I didn't take it so I'm left to wonder what is going on just as much as you are.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking like Christmas?

Well, not exactly. It was 75 degrees here yesterday and if the leaves weren't turning I would have sworn it was a beautiful spring morning. But, despite that I have Christmas on the mind. Perhaps it's because this year I have a little one and I've gotten all excited for her. I'm usually starting to shop two weeks before Christmas and I'm hugely irritated by decorations and marketing before Thanksgiving. But, this year I've been planning our christmas card for a month, searching for gifts for Emerson, and worrying about how we can actually have a tree this year. Anyways I've already got Emerson's first gift! It kind feels good to have something done. Maybe procrastination isn't all it's cracked up to be? I got her this...
A Leap Frog Musical Table. I think she will enjoy. It plays music obviously and is very interactive. It was listed as one of the toys that actually gets played with and I got it for a awesome deal. Since she doesn't stay on the ground much anymore I think it's perfect. So that is her "main gift." Haven't gotten anything else but I would like to look into some natural toys for her if the bank account will allow it. Ha. I'm also thinking of making her some things.
I found this free pattern online for a stacker. Pretty cute, huh? It says easy but I've learned that easy listed on patterns really means nothing. It might as well say easy if you're an expert. So maybe I'll try it and be super domestic and crafty. Next I'm on the hunt for a Christmas Stocking for Little E. But, I'm not going to pay $30 for one. Ouch! Maybe I'll make that too. I was thinking of buying little toys that she can get out of the stocking since she will absolutely eat wrapping paper. I'm going to try to not go overboard considering she doesn't know what Christmas is and her birthday is 2 months later. So what are you doing for Christmas? Are you in the spirit yet? Don't worry I won't force Christmas music on you in my playlist until after Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Emerson has been changing a lot lately. As I had her posing for my mock newborn shots above I realized how different she is than just a month ago. She is even more on the go if that is possible, literally getting into everything.
See how she got all the bags out for me? Such a good helper. She is constantly standing up on things I didn't even think she could get to. The dining room table, chairs, the oven, cabinets, stairs. You name it! Nothing is off limits in her mind. She even thinks she is a pro now going one handed and wobbling around. We have hardwoods so you can imagine the outcome is not always so pleasant.
Emerson not only has one tooth coming through but two! This all happened in the last few days. She is definitely a trooper. Don't expect any tooth shots though. I have to pry her mouth open so that I can see them.
She also is maybe waving. I say maybe because it looks very similar to the baby sign for milk. I've been working on that sign alone for the past month and when I start to feed her she squeezes both her hands excitedly. But, she also does it other times too. Ha. So only time will tell what she really means. Her personality she starting to come out more and more. When she wants something or is intent on a purpose she scrunches up her nose and breaths heavy. No clue where she learned that. Haha. It's very intense. Oh, and I almost forgot! She has taken a few crawls on all fours. After army crawling for 2 months I thought she was content to stay that way because she is definitely fast. But, last night she took a few stumbles on her hands and knees instead of elbows and knees. I feel like we're moving full speed ahead.
Face it Emerson. He's just not that into you!

Friday, November 6, 2009

bedtime fashion

Last night was pretty chilly, don't you think? Emerson thought so too so we decided to put on her new winter sleeper. I got it on sale for $5!! It has little ballerina shoes in the footies, which I think is just genius. Since she was looking so cute I put her little bow in and it finally clips in for a little bit since her hair growth is in full force.
She hadn't wore this bow since way back when she was a newbie. Of course that hair is long gone.
I had to bribe her to sit still with my phone.

Don't worry I definitely didn't let her wear the bow to bed.
Apparently Emerson had some issues with her phone service.