Friday, November 20, 2009

sit still please

So I said I would try to get pictures of her new diaper and I did! But, not without a lot of work. Whew! Emerson is quick. I found it pretty much impossible to get her to just sit for 2 seconds while I took a picture.
Note to self. Do not leave the camera bag in view. Huge baby distraction!
I've determined that either 1. Emerson doesn't know her name or 2. She totally ignores me. I'm not really sure which is worse...
I serious was saying her name repeatedly and making funny noises for 10 minutes.
It's clean Mia, I promise.
"Geez Mia, give me some space!"

2 seconds later she was all up in my lense.
Then determined to tear up some books. We desperately need a bookshelf that is above 3 feet.

Thought she might sit in her crib but, no.
Back view.
"Hmmmm. Is anyone watching?"
"Ok I'll go for it"
Someone's here!
Ahhh, Dad's home!

Mark is the blue blur in the right corner. Two minutes later when I was reviewing the pictures on my camera Emerson ate a page out of a notebook on that shelf. When people say you can't take your eyes off them for one second it's no joke!

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There just always on the fun:)