Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy Days

Man, this rain has thrown us for a loop! Although we couldn't go outside and play all week Emerson still enjoyed the rain. She stood at the door for almost 30 minutes watching the rain drops beat down.
Who knew rain was so entertaining?
Since outside play was a wash out, we took a trip to Target.
I've come to expect Emerson to scream in the carseat to voice her objection. To my surprise I didn't hear a peep out of her. I thought surely she is passed out but, nope. She was wide awake, relaxed as can be.
She was an angel on our shopping trip.
On the way home she fell asleep with the rain beating against the window. She then proceeded to nap for 2 hours! E. never takes a very long afternoon nap. So I was sure thankful. She made a few whimpers and I got her out. She slept on my chest and I was brought back to those newborn days.
So maybe rain isn't so bad after all. But, next time we can do without the 4 day downpour.


Nicole Johnson said...

I loveeeee these pictures! They look great! I expecially love the top one. :)

Amy and Mark said...

Thanks! She has some silly expressions.