Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Official 8 Month Pictures

"Seriously, I look like Elmer Fudd!"
I got some plexi-glass to take some pictures on and I was so excited to have a semi-professional looking background. But, taking pictures instead of naptime can have consequences. As a result I only got 3 pictures. Emerson's reflection was too interesting so I was barely able to catch a glimpse of her face. She was peering over too long so she face planted right into the plexi-glass. Ouch! You can imagine how that went over.
Despite the hiccups I think these select few turned out well, even if I had to bribe her with a red leaf, which she ate.
Now an update on our sleep issues. Our routine has been going rather well. Friday night we were out and about and she fell asleep in the car and we left her in the carseat. When she woke up I put her straight in pjs rocked her, and put her to bed. She did wake up again but, Mark rocked her and she went down pretty quickly. So the past three nights she has gone to bed by 9ish which is a huge improvement. She seems to really enjoy the story time with Dad, and rocking/nursing to sleep. So I've determined she is the kind of baby that will stay up if you let her, but if you create a relaxing environment she'll go to bed. I guess she was just looking for our lead.


The Donley's said...

What a great idea! Where do you get plexiglass?
Emerson is getting so big!

Amy and Mark said...

Just got it at Lowes!

The Donley's said...

So cute! You are so creative!