Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy late Halloween!

Happy Halloween a couple days late! We spent our afternoon at a fundraiser for The Birth Center. Emerson got to see her midwives again and we had fun hanging out on a real farm.
Emerson enjoyed the festivities until she got stun by a bee. Ouch! Right on knuckle. Poor little Emerson's hand was swollen and red. So she was on and off crabby which is understandable. Who likes getting stun by a bee?

She did enjoy the bunnies. I'm not sure they enjoyed her screaming at them though.

Look, we're farmers!

Instead of a traditional costume Emerson sported Halloween themed attire. Next year we'll go all out. Friday she did wear a pumpkin costume to go trick or treating with Dad at work. Sadly no pictures though. Don't you wish you could see Mark dressed as a foreclosed home? Haha.
Emerson got to go on her second hayride of the year. She is so experienced. Along the way the farmer gave us a tour of the farm. Emerson spent the ride pulling the little girl's piggy tails beside us. At what point her 2 year old brother said, "Be nice baby!" Hmmm.
Mark got charged by a cow when he decided to jump off the hayride and go rogue. I thought the cows were just adorable. They were very short and fluffy, because they were a specific breed. This made it even more disturbing to me when the farmer talked about how good they tasted. Yep, sadly they were beef cows. I wonder how much it would cost to buy him so he could come live with us. :) Look at his sweet little face.
He gave us his model pose.

At the end we had some yummy carrot cake and Emerson did something completely out of the ordinary. She jumped into a strangers' lap! We were sitting on bench and she decided he should hold her. Ha! I guess she has a thing for beards and tattoos.

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BROOKE said...

Love emersons outfit...esp the orange tutu and striped tights :)