Saturday, November 7, 2009


Emerson has been changing a lot lately. As I had her posing for my mock newborn shots above I realized how different she is than just a month ago. She is even more on the go if that is possible, literally getting into everything.
See how she got all the bags out for me? Such a good helper. She is constantly standing up on things I didn't even think she could get to. The dining room table, chairs, the oven, cabinets, stairs. You name it! Nothing is off limits in her mind. She even thinks she is a pro now going one handed and wobbling around. We have hardwoods so you can imagine the outcome is not always so pleasant.
Emerson not only has one tooth coming through but two! This all happened in the last few days. She is definitely a trooper. Don't expect any tooth shots though. I have to pry her mouth open so that I can see them.
She also is maybe waving. I say maybe because it looks very similar to the baby sign for milk. I've been working on that sign alone for the past month and when I start to feed her she squeezes both her hands excitedly. But, she also does it other times too. Ha. So only time will tell what she really means. Her personality she starting to come out more and more. When she wants something or is intent on a purpose she scrunches up her nose and breaths heavy. No clue where she learned that. Haha. It's very intense. Oh, and I almost forgot! She has taken a few crawls on all fours. After army crawling for 2 months I thought she was content to stay that way because she is definitely fast. But, last night she took a few stumbles on her hands and knees instead of elbows and knees. I feel like we're moving full speed ahead.
Face it Emerson. He's just not that into you!

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