Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday baby! Emerson is now 9 months old and 75% of the way to being 1. Can you believe it? This last time year I was quite big and Emerson was bouncing around in my tummy at the sound of Christmas music and all the sweets I was eating. As you can tell by the pictures above she has changed quite a bit. I thought she was into as much as she could get a month ago but I was wrong. She is into more! She is crawling around even faster, standing up rather well, and climbing everything in her path. She still predominantly does the army crawl but can also do all fours if she chooses. Now she can get down from standing to sitting which I think is a big accomplishment. She can cruise a little bit around the couch and ottoman, working on those walking skills. In combination with that if she hears music she bounces up and down. Too cute. She is constantly chasing us and climbing our legs. Subtle, huh? Emerson babbles, grunts, giggles a lot. She is saying mama rather frequently along with the dadadas, and bababas. She's such a happy girl and is smiling all the time and claps when she gets excited. It's more of a closed hand clap instead of the regular kind. She also waves by flapping her arm up and down. Her favorite activities include swinging in the park, playing with her hairbrush, being tossed in the air, tearing up paper, pushing buttons, and chasing the dog. I think in a few years we might be in trouble with how much she loves animals. Always guaranteed to get a smile and squeals of excitement. I think she has grown a lot in the last month just due to how her clothes have been fitting or should I say not fitting? We are going to the pediatrician on Friday for her weigh in. Any guesses? At 7 months she was 13lbs. I'm going to guess 14lb 5oz. But, don't go off me. I was way off last time.
Happy Birthday Emerson Kaye. You are such a joy in our lives.


The Donley's said...

How precious! I am SO excited to meet her in a few weeks- my weight guess this time is 16 lbs. 2 oz.

Nicole Johnson said...

Cute! I love how you took pics of her next to the same stuffed animal- what a great idea!!