Tuesday, August 21, 2012


How do you become the coolest Mom ever? Well, for at least 10 minutes that is....

You score a Little Mermaid slip-n-slide (can also be used as a water fountain) for $3 on clearance at Target.
We don't have the ideal area for a slip-n-slide being in a town home and all but the kids still had a blast. Emerson did not get the whole run and slide idea so I kinda gave her a boost and let her slide down that way. I pulled out a baby pool for Ezra thinking he wouldn't be into the slip-n-slide. But, of course he had to do what big sister did. 

It was a really fun way to be the heat in our own backyard. 

Worth $3 for sure!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

4th of July

Back from blogging hiatus I'll recap July. On July 4th after spending some time at the pool, waited out the storms, then we had a block party with our neighbors. We grilled out and shared a ton of food.  
Ezra and Emerson were just as excited about pretzels. Sometimes you need a little help to finish your snack. By the way that's not a wound on Emerson's arm. She got a tattoo from the library of all places. 

The kids enjoyed some fresh watermelon and corn. How can you not have watermelon on the 4th? I made a not so pretty coconut cake. But, it was so so tasty. I may or may not ate a bowl of leftover icing by itself. 
The kids had a great time playing and running around. Ezra knew how to take a break and relax. We stayed out until dark but ended up being too far from the fireworks to see anything.