Monday, March 25, 2013

Ezra 23 months

Last update before two. What?!? Ezra has been talking a lot this month with sentences. He constantly asks, "What happened?," about 20 times a day. He is so curious about what is going on, but even when answer him to explain he repeats, "What happened?" Like a true second child he has in survival mode to keep up with his big sister and will say, "She hurt me." He is also very vocal about eating. He constantly comes in the kitchen saying, "I want food." Often he will tell me specifically what he wants. If I pick out something he isn't in the mood for he will say, "I don't want that." His favorite right now is nuts. He thinks everything is a peanut but will eat anything I offer, such as almonds, cashews, or walnuts. Anytime I eat he tells me, "I have." He honestly will eat about 90% of the "adult" food I make with enthusiasm. Ezra is a sweet guy and is always grabbing my face with his hands and talking to me. He is a very loving guy and is always concerned where his Dad, sister, and dog are. Ezra is saying a lot of people's names now but still calls Emerson sister. He is potty training but we haven't made the big leap of going all in. But, he has is doing great. One of his funny quirks right now is sleeping with a sippy cup tucked under his arm. Also his answer to about everything is, "Uh-huh," while the other answer is, "No way." Ezra knows several colors and recognizes letters. Most importantly the letter E. Recently I heard him sing one of his first songs. It was one of the kid worship songs he has heard at church. It's so cute. If possible, I"ll try to video it although he isn't much for video time. With his birthday just around the corner I asked him if he would like a scooter, or a tricycle? His answer, "A bunny."

*Note we didn't celebrate his 23 month birthday. It's a neighbors birthday. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emerson turns Four

I thought I would share a little about what Emerson is up to since she four now. Weighing in at 28lbs she is the 3rd% for her age. So still tiny! If you can't tell by the picture above she is still into princess just a bit. She loves to dress up in creative ways and has a big imagination. Emerson still has her own mind about what she wants to wear. She will wear the same dress over, and over. She likes the pick out her own unique combinations and prefers skirts and dresses year round. Lately she has gotten very into pretend play and re-enacts scenes from her favorite movies.    She has memorized all the lines to Brave, and Rapunzel. With the addition of a bow and arrow we have a real Merida on our hands. She also tells me quite often she is getting married soon and tells me certain outfits are "married dresses." Emerson is a social girl and can make friends in any situation. She introduces herself to almost everyone we meet, even at the grocery store. Emerson loves family and talks constantly about her cousins. Lately she has become very attached the dog and insist on dressing her up and walking her with the leash around the house. She even tied Mia to her bed so she wouldn't go anywhere.

Emerson loves to draw, and color. I love the way she puts together colorful combinations and draws people. She is very proud of her artwork and likes to hang everything on the fridge. She is very intense when coloring or putting together a craft. Because of her particular tendencies she can get rather frustrated if things aren't quite right. This girl has a temper that is for sure. 

I think the way she communicates has changed so much in the past year. She sounds very grown up. Sometimes she will be so grateful for the littlest things and say, "Oh thank you Mommy!" if she finds a shirt that I got her 6 months ago. It cracks me up. Emerson will also repeat rules back to us that we have made or she will tell us that, "God wants us to share." That is when I have chocolate or something that she wants. She is also starting to remember things from a year or more ago. She can remember the outfit she was wearing when she got sick three months ago! I'm not sure I remember what I wore yesterday.  Emerson adores her family and loves that she has a lot of cousins. Most days she loves on Ezra and calls him my Ezra. But, there are others when she tells me she wants a sister instead. Here are few things she says a bit funny that I want to remember because I'm sure they'll change before next year. 

Real Word - Emerson Word

Suitcase - Cusecase

Unicorn - Cuncicorn

Ice cream- Owce cream

She also says "What you say?," with a confused look when she doesn't understand. Last week I was teaching her the cubbies verse, "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" To which she responded, " I know Hosanta! He brought me presents last year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this nut.