Monday, March 25, 2013

Ezra 23 months

Last update before two. What?!? Ezra has been talking a lot this month with sentences. He constantly asks, "What happened?," about 20 times a day. He is so curious about what is going on, but even when answer him to explain he repeats, "What happened?" Like a true second child he has in survival mode to keep up with his big sister and will say, "She hurt me." He is also very vocal about eating. He constantly comes in the kitchen saying, "I want food." Often he will tell me specifically what he wants. If I pick out something he isn't in the mood for he will say, "I don't want that." His favorite right now is nuts. He thinks everything is a peanut but will eat anything I offer, such as almonds, cashews, or walnuts. Anytime I eat he tells me, "I have." He honestly will eat about 90% of the "adult" food I make with enthusiasm. Ezra is a sweet guy and is always grabbing my face with his hands and talking to me. He is a very loving guy and is always concerned where his Dad, sister, and dog are. Ezra is saying a lot of people's names now but still calls Emerson sister. He is potty training but we haven't made the big leap of going all in. But, he has is doing great. One of his funny quirks right now is sleeping with a sippy cup tucked under his arm. Also his answer to about everything is, "Uh-huh," while the other answer is, "No way." Ezra knows several colors and recognizes letters. Most importantly the letter E. Recently I heard him sing one of his first songs. It was one of the kid worship songs he has heard at church. It's so cute. If possible, I"ll try to video it although he isn't much for video time. With his birthday just around the corner I asked him if he would like a scooter, or a tricycle? His answer, "A bunny."

*Note we didn't celebrate his 23 month birthday. It's a neighbors birthday. :)

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