Monday, August 26, 2013

This girl

This girl cracks me up. So I thought I would share some of the things that come out of her mouth.

Fishing for compliments
Emerson requested to "fix" my hair. She spent time "braiding" it. When she was done she went up the stairs and turned to me and said, "Mommy, did you braid your hair all by yourself? You did a great job."

"No, Emerson you did my hair."

Emerson, "Oh, well thank you Mommy."

Dessert anyone

Emerson asked me what kind of ice cream would I like. I thought we were playing a pretend game so I got along and say strawberry. Then she agrees that strawberry is a great flavor. She asks me if we have any and when I say no she tells me I can go to the store and buy some since I want it. Did I just get swindled into buying ice cream??

Story time

The other night I was reading to the kids before bedtime. Ezra picks out a fairly long Cars book that has all the sound buttons. 

"Ezra that's loud for tonight."

Emerson: "Mom, you don't have to push them then."

"Thanks smarty."

Emerson: "My name's not Marty. When I was a baby you didn't name me Marty you named me Emerson."

"Thanks for clearing that up."


Me: "Is that what you are wearing?"

Emerson: "Yes, I'm going to look ridiculous all day."


Monday, August 12, 2013

20-22 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks

Here is an update on baby number 3. We have passed the halfway point and the baby has gone through a recent growth spurt. Clothes that were too big in the middle of July fit now and things that fit in July are now too small. I've started my starvation phase where I'm famished right before bedtime. So I have to eat a bowl of cereal or ice cream to hold me over until morning. Pretty much all food sounds good to me right now but recently banana pudding has a been a craving, as well as Utz ripple chips. I have been feeling pretty good but starting to feel the heaviness of my belly. Bending over isn't that easy anymore, or getting up off the floor. So picking up toys all day is no easy task! I've had occasional hip pain but still have had an easy pregnancy so far. Three weeks ago we had an ultrasound and the baby looked great. We decided to keep the gender a surprise this time around so we had to turn our heads a couple times. I kinda feel like it's a girl but I would say my intuition is not very good. Even though we have a boy and a girl I have zero newborn warm clothes. So the plan is to pick up a few warm sleepers in tiny sizes in a neutral color. Then I'll have a headband handy in case it's a girl. Emerson thinks she is having a sister so I let her get the baby a girly sleeper on consignment. She was excited I didn't have the heart to tell her no. Movement has finally picked up I can feel the baby a few times a day. Nothing as active as Emerson. But, I'm not sure that it's possible for another baby to be as energetic as her. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks where I can feel strong kicks. I'll also have to be on the lookout for maternity clothes as it seems the growth is not slowing down anytime soon. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ezra 2 Years Old


I figured I should update on Ezra being two before he is three! Seriously, my goal before December is to finish his first year baby book. I'm just so behind! Anyways Ezra is a little dude now. He talks like crazy. Full sentences with a huge vocabulary. Yesterday, he told me he needed privacy in the bathroom. I was at a lost for words. Ha! He loves to tell us stories about what's going on and they are so elaborate. One of my favorite things right now is he answers, "Otay Mommy," to everything. It's so sweet. Yes, he mispronounces okay as otay. I don't mess with that cuteness. He also calls his bathing suit, a "bathing soup". Lately, he has been saying, "Be nice to me," and he gets a stern look. Usually directed at a certain sister. Ezra can express how he is feeling and will tell me he is sad and exactly why. I find that remarkable at such a young age. He's very caring and always asks everyone if they are okay, or what happened. I hear that about 20 times a day. "What happened Mommy?" He adores Emerson and is heartbroken when she does things without him. Of course they do fight but are still very close. He still calls her sister and not Emerson. Lately he has become Daddy obsessed. He loves, loves to play with Mark and have him read books to him. Finally, he is sleeping through the night. Praise the Lord! It only took two years but now he goes down fairly easy. He does sleep with about 3 cars, 5 stuffed animals, 2 blankets, 2 books, and a bottle of water. You can never forget the water. He chugs, and chugs all day long. Ezra eats like a grown man. I've never seen a child so hungry. Or as he likes to say, "I hungy." He is a big meat and carb eater. On the weekends he can really put down pancakes and eggs. He absolutely loves peanuts, or any other kind of nut. In that last couple months he has really gotten into super heros. He is obsessed with batman, superman, and spiderman. I got him a vintage spiderman shirt and he bawls when he has to take it off at night. It's fun to see his personality emerge more and more each month. Here are some peaks at his cuteness.



model pose

shaggy and sweet


His stern side. Ha!