Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Emerson!

It's hard to believe that Emerson is 6 months today! I'm going to do her 6 month update next week when we have our Dr. appointment so I can put in all her stats, etc. So to hold you off for a few days here are some scrumptious pictures of our baby girl. Please note that she is really happy, smiley, and bubbly in person I just happen to choose to take her pictures during nap time. You think I would know better by now. But, none the less she refused to give me any smiles but still looks beautiful as always.
The come take one more picture and I'll scream look.

The dog didn't even crack a smile!
Sophie got a little bit of a glimmer of a smile.
But, then she decided this photoshoot is so over and took her headband off and ate my backdrop. That's how it goes!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sitting Pretty

Emerson sat up by herself for the first time on Saturday! Well, it was only for like 5 seconds. But, that still counts right? I have every confidence that she has the strength to do it she just knows if she is on the floor she can go places. She's not one to sit back and watch. This Saturday Emerson and I took a little trip to Apex to visit a green baby store. I got her a new diaper cover in a lovely shade of green and while I was browsing I noticed the infamous Sophie. I had heard so much about this all natural rubber teether. I figured it was worth looking at. As I picked it up and asked the sales lady, "Do kids really like this thing?," my baby burst into laughter and smiles. My baby, who rarely smiles in public had a moment of outward joy and ignored that someone else was watching. So we decided to give Sophie a chance and I must say she has lived up to her praises. Emerson has loved holding her, chewing her, and throwing that giraffe all over the place. I think they are going to be great friends.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I was thinking I hadn't posted in awhile but then I looked and it really has only been since Tuesday. Not too bad. But, I've been busy taking care of little ones and the week has just flown by. So for the week in review, quick and dirty.

E. of course played under the couch and with her new toy she tried to shoplift from Target. We won't talk about that though.

Emerson had lots of visitors. Busy, busy, busy.
Oh Grandma, can I have your shirt?

I made a delicious homemade pizza. Which is nothing new but since Mark took a picture I thought I would share.
After a poor nap weekend Emerson made up for it this week with being a super napper! She even slept for (Gasp) an hour at a time. Yes, I let my baby sleep in the floor. If it works, it works! When she woke up she had carpet marks all over.
Loving her bunny and thumb

Emerson has also been doing a few new cute things this week. She has been babbling mama none stop. I'm not sure if she knows what she is doing. But, I would like to think so. :) Especially since she does it when she is upset. She has also started shaking her head. I have no clue where it is coming from but, she thinks it's hilarious. Probably because I laugh at her. She shakes her head back and forth when I ask her a question. Not sure if I want her to being saying no to me quite yet. So to counteract I nod and say yes, yes, yes. She thinks it's funny and shakes her head even faster. She's something else.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ahhh...It's my birthday

Well, technically it was yesterday but you get the idea. I had a wonderful birthday full of best wishes and delicious food. Like the old "mature" woman I'm becoming I decided to crochet with the majority of my free time yesterday. Not to much success but I guess I have about 30 years to practice before granny status. Little Emerson was a delight and even got me a card. I knew she was a super baby. She was pleasant and smiley all day and gave me 2 explosive diapers and 3 rounds of spit up on the floor. But, that all reminded me how lucky I am to be a Mommy this year. By the way it was because we used disposables yesterday and not our usual cloth. Not a good move. To top it off I had homemade fish tacos and coffee ice cream made by Chef Mark, everyone should have one on call. Cilantro, lime, avocado, and coffee make and day even better. Not at the same time though.

Mark has been rather mysterious and sneaky lately about my birthday surprise, basically driving me nuts. So what is it you may ask?

A new lens from Mark, my Dad, and Barbara! *Update-It's a 35mm lens not the 50 pictured. Its not just a regular lens but basically it will allow me to take much better pictures of Emerson in our low light townhouse. Plus cut all those blurry baby motions, and blurs the background for me. I've been doing it manually in photoshop. Plus lots of other cool things that I'm sure I'm leaving out. It's not here yet but I can't wait for it to arrive so I can try it out. Poor Emerson is going to have the camera in her face even more. If you happen to wonder what she is doing this morning while I ramble on about my own birthday.....
Like any responsible mother I let her play under the couch!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's going places

Our sweet Emerson contemplates her day.
She thinks about her next move.
Then she goes full speed ahead!
Squealing and babbling because she knows what she wants.
The face of extertion of a motivated girl.
A little scoot.
Then a little rest.
Almost there.
She looks out to see if anyone has noticed her escape...
and beelines it for the door.
Now if she could just figure out how to open that door thing she would be good to go!

At least she didn't make her way under the couch like earlier this week. Oops! Someone should really supervise this kid. ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

New headware

I decided to make Emerson a new flower clip because (tear) we "I" lost her red felt one I loved so much. Hopefully it will turn up sometime. I went for a pink one this time and it looks perfect with her new orange headband. I kind of wish I had one of my own. But, somehow I don't think I would look quite as adorable as this.

She contemplating her next headband look. We have 6 new bands and 3 new clips to choose from. Necessary, no. Fun, yes. Oh the possibilities.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visit from cousin Avery

Oh Avery I can fix (eat) your bow.
Why do you have more hair?!?!?
Alright, I forgive you. Come rest on my shoulder.

**I finally figured out how to fit the pictures in! Silly html.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mountain Girl

This past weekend was jam packed. We headed west for the Pannell family reunion and figured we might as well go to Boone on Saturday. It was Emerson's first trip to the high country (out of the womb at least) so she had to wear her ASU gear to show some team spirit. We tracked around our old stomping grounds but things have definitely changed. The football stadium looks huge, even from just last year. One of our favorite restaurants, Blowing Rock Cafe is gone. But, luckily we chowed down at Black Cat and I had forgotten how delicious it is.

Contrary to Emerson's look her she had a pretty good time.
Hey E.! You got a little something on your chin. :)

After some shopping at the outlets Emerson begged to try on her new outfit.

So we proceeded with fun wardrobe changing.

Sunday was the family reunion and I was so happy that Emerson was pleasant. She even let people hold her! We attempted to take a good family photo but as you can see by my face in the top one, and Mark's in the bottom that wasn't going to happen. Afterwards we stopped for some homemade ice cream. I had Ambrosia (pineapple, coconut, and cherry) and it was the best ice cream I have EVER had. Too bad it's only sold 3 hours from my house.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Show us your life-Reception and Honeymoon

So finally the reception. I thought I had a lot more pictures but can't seem to find the professional ones. :( Anyways I did my own center pieces to save some $. Here is Barbara and I assembling the apple vases. There were filled with water and had little tea lights floating on top.
I did a lot of DIY projects. Here is my ribbon board which held the escort cards. Thanks to Martha Stewart!
I thought our reception was a lot of fun. In fact I didn't want it to end. Here we are dancing away. It looks like we are dancing by ourselves but there were lots of people dancing. So much in fact that our DJ extended the reception by 1 hour!

Did I mention that we danced?!? Here is my new hubby breaking it down.
The night flew by so fast we kind of forgot to cut the cake. Finally the DJ remembered but of course a lot of people had already left. So we got to take a whole lot of leftovers home for ourselves. It was delicious. Chocolate cake soaked in raspberry liquor, filled with raspberries, and topped with butter cream. Yummmmmy!

Close-up of the cake. I drew the design on a piece of paper and sent it my cake lady. She probably thought I was nuts. Then in the end she ended up getting it wrong. Oh well. Haha.
Now for the Honeymoon. We went to Sandals Antiqua and it was absolutely gorgeous. I had never been anywhere in the caribbean and this was every thing I thought it would be. Gorgeous aqua waters, soft sand, and warm breezes. It was a little hot but who cares when you are in paradise, right? Here we are on a sailing excursion.
Enjoying the outdoor lounge after dinner.
One of the many gorgeous sunsets.
This is where we ate breakfast. Seriously.
You couldn't beat the hammock chairs there. Perfect for a nap.
I can't wait to go back. I guess will have to go to Beaches now having a little one and all.