Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mountain Girl

This past weekend was jam packed. We headed west for the Pannell family reunion and figured we might as well go to Boone on Saturday. It was Emerson's first trip to the high country (out of the womb at least) so she had to wear her ASU gear to show some team spirit. We tracked around our old stomping grounds but things have definitely changed. The football stadium looks huge, even from just last year. One of our favorite restaurants, Blowing Rock Cafe is gone. But, luckily we chowed down at Black Cat and I had forgotten how delicious it is.

Contrary to Emerson's look her she had a pretty good time.
Hey E.! You got a little something on your chin. :)

After some shopping at the outlets Emerson begged to try on her new outfit.

So we proceeded with fun wardrobe changing.

Sunday was the family reunion and I was so happy that Emerson was pleasant. She even let people hold her! We attempted to take a good family photo but as you can see by my face in the top one, and Mark's in the bottom that wasn't going to happen. Afterwards we stopped for some homemade ice cream. I had Ambrosia (pineapple, coconut, and cherry) and it was the best ice cream I have EVER had. Too bad it's only sold 3 hours from my house.


Brittany and Charlie said...

Aw looks like a great weekend! Cute outfits:)

Nichole said...

Awe! Yay for Boone!!!!