Thursday, August 6, 2009

We love turquoise

We are really into bows lately. Well I'm into them and Emerson is forced to tolerate them. I ordered some nylons from etsy to make Emerson some headbands because 4 colors isn't enough. Now she has 6 new ones. :) This is my favorite color, turquoise.
I made a little bow to go with it. A dollar ribbon bin special at Michaels! I never thought I would be the kind of mom to try to have a headband of sorts with every outfit but I am. She pulls it off so well and I could just eat her up. So for as long she will let me I'm going to accessorize her.
With a look like hat, how could I not?
To fill you in on what is happening in our house. Emerson has been super mobile. Rolling non-stop, turning with intention, and going for what she wants. This includes escaping from the changing table. You would think a contoured pad and rail would stop her. Wrong! Think again. This petite baby is about to scale the outside and climb down. Well, not quite but it's been an ordeal. Constantly rolling over during a diaper change and as soon as I flip her over she is back at it again. That's why I guess they make these handy straps. Although she can flip over with it on she can't fall off the side.
I try to distract her with toys, etc. But, it seems the only thing she wants is a diaper cover. Kinda gross but it what it is. I've taken it away once, and her reaction was not pretty. I'm really starting to regret not getting that $3 mobile at the consignment sale. I'm thinking of investing in a laser light show to occupy her for 2 minutes.
Yep, this is my baby.

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Brittany and Charlie said...

I love teal! One of my favorite colors. Looks good on her:)