Monday, August 6, 2012

4th of July

Back from blogging hiatus I'll recap July. On July 4th after spending some time at the pool, waited out the storms, then we had a block party with our neighbors. We grilled out and shared a ton of food.  
Ezra and Emerson were just as excited about pretzels. Sometimes you need a little help to finish your snack. By the way that's not a wound on Emerson's arm. She got a tattoo from the library of all places. 

The kids enjoyed some fresh watermelon and corn. How can you not have watermelon on the 4th? I made a not so pretty coconut cake. But, it was so so tasty. I may or may not ate a bowl of leftover icing by itself. 
The kids had a great time playing and running around. Ezra knew how to take a break and relax. We stayed out until dark but ended up being too far from the fireworks to see anything. 

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