Thursday, July 26, 2012

15 months Ezra

So we are jumping from first birthday to 15 month update. I would love to say I have lots of amazing pictures but I don't. Hopefully soon we will get some current shots of the little guy. For now just a few iphone pictures. So technically he is 15 1/2 months but we'll just go with what's going on now. He chats like crazy now. Not all is actual words but it's a jumble of different syllables and he really intends to tell us something! He loves to growl, roar, and make car sounds. He is repeating a lot of words. He says dog, dada, mama, hey, this, shoe, ball, bird, book and please on his own. There are a couple others I think I've heard but I'm not sure of.  Ezra is growing so fast. I think he weighs around 23 lbs give or take. He is getting tpo big for 18 month rompers and moving into 18-24 month pants. He still has lots of rolls and a belly which I love. His hair is crazy. It has grown a ton and the humidity combined with waviness makes for big hair.     He is a pretty good eater starting to try more and more each day. His new favorites are watermelon and kale. I never thought I would get him to eat a vegetable and then he go and loves a thing like kale. His favorite foods include hummus, grilled cheese, and most recently yogurt. I finally convinced him that ice cream is awesome and it's worth letting mama feed it to you. Usually he only wants to feed himself and if he can't he'll do without. But, he gave in and loves it! He has been wanting to eat with a spoon and fork with messy results. He loves to drink out of a cup and pretty much grabs for whatever I have. He doesn't get that toddlers can't have coffee. Ezra is learning his body parts. He also is observing how things function such as putting his shoes on if he wants to go outside, trying to put a hat on. Cute, smart things like that. He loves to dance and clap and recently started singing. It is the sweetest sound and he also replicates Emerson's Ariel impersonation. Ha! So some days I have both of them singing in unison. As far as toys Ezra pretty much plays with either a ball or a car. Or he will make whatever toy he has act as a ball or car. We got him little t-ball set and he is really good at it! We think he has remarkable hand-eye coordination for a little guy. He of course loves to do whatever his sister is doing. Which always makes him seem older than he is. He even gets on the tricycle! Perfecting climbing skills he now climbs on the couch too. He is such a joyful guy to be around. I would describe him as sweet, funny, cheerful, and pretty mellow. Unless heaven forbid you don't give him some food he wants, or hold him when he wants, or change his diaper. But, I guess we are little picky about food and hugs sometimes.

Happy Birthday Ezra Bean! Please don't grow up any faster. It makes my heart ache just a bit. 
Love, Mom. 

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