Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I love fall. The beautiful colors, the crisp mornings, and of course leaf piles. I spotted a tree with pile full of gorgeous leaves underneath it a couple days ago so I ventured out to get a good fall picture with Emerson before it was bagged up.
I woke her up from a nap to take these so please excuse her stern look. :) It took her a minute to get out of the sleepy stage and notice she was surrounded by fun leaves.

Then she remembered she loves leaves!
The only thing that could make these better is maybe a bright pink outfit. Emerson and I just love pink and orange together. I was awful proud though that I took these in manual and that my Little E. stayed put!


Nichole said...

Yay manual!!! Just to clarify you're not trying to manual focus, right? Because once you have your settings set in manual, she can crawl around to her little hearts content, and you shouldn't be changing your settings anymore. Either way, these are great, and I'm super jealous you have leaves, LOL!

Amy and Mark said...

Oh no. Definitely not manual focus. Ha. I did change the exposure a few times because I was practicing but I won't next time.