Monday, June 22, 2009

Been around the world

Well, more like around the south. It's been awhile since my last post because we have been busy! We have been home for a total of 3 days out of the past 9.  We got back at 11:30 last night, Emerson woke up at 9am today and is on her second nap. Insisting on sleeping in my lap cuddled up because she is just plain wore out. I'm just going to give a little summary of all we did since I'm suffering from heat exhaustion and honestly it would take forever to tell everything. :) So here it goes. 

-Emerson went to the beach for the first time
-We all went to the OBX for the first time
-Emerson endured (4) four hour car rides (pretty successfully I might add)
-Emerson met her cousins and Aunt Brandy for the 1st time
-We went to Charleston
-Rode in a horse drawn carriage
-Saw dolphins
-Went to a wedding
-Emerson blew bubbles and made rasberries for hours on end
-We were constantly stopped by baby adorers, obviously.
-We visited 2 national parks and 1 plantation
-I had to say my almost 4 month, old not 3 month old :(
-Mark celebrated his 1st Fathers Day
-Endured days in 100 degree weather
-Emerson put her paci back in herself
-I smuggled M&M's in my sling creating a choclate mess on my baby
-Emerson chuckled away at her Grandpa ( I don't get a laugh bc I'm merely her food supply)
-I finally fitted into my regular shorts! Woo hoo. 

So as you can see we were super busy. We're looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this w.e. but laying on the couch. Recovery time is much needed.

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