Monday, June 8, 2009

Too much pressure?

If you read my previous post you know that Emerson rolled over. The first day it was about 5 times, the second day 2 times, the third day once. After that she has completely gotten over the idea of rolling over. Maybe if she had only rolled over one time I would think it was a fluke but it was pretty consistent. I'm not sure if this total lack of interest is normal. Perhaps Emerson is just showing me she does what she wants to. Hehe. Here is a picture of her enjoying not rolling over when I encourage her. Because posts without pics aren't quite as fun. Just kidding. My internet is failing me. Ugggghhhh.....Maybe there will pictures later if it improves!


The Donley's said...

Chatham did the same thing. He rolled over all the time for two weeks and now it's been a week and a half with NOTHING!

Amy and Mark said...

I guess they are exhausted! LOL