Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Am I the only one?

Who thinks that starting a 3-4 month old on solids is good idea? I've read so many "baby blogs" where mom's are starting their babies already on rice cereal, bananas, etc. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has read the recommendation for the second half of the first year of life. Meaning after 6 months not necessarily starting at 6 months and definitely not 4. I plan on delaying solids a bit because I've done a lot of research on how it's better for the digestive system, and helps prevent allergies. I'm sure our Ped. won't have a problem with that since she is pretty crunchy. :) Now if I could just get my vaccine research done. Ugh.... I still don't have any of the books yet and I really need to get things sorted out before her 4 month appointment. Emerson hasn't had any vaccines at our request. Even the hospital asked me a good 5 times if I wanted her to have the HepB shot. I haven't had the least bit of worry about it considering I exclusively breastfeed giving her the best immune system possible. My gut is to still delay longer based off research on how all the chemicals can effect developing children's brains under a year. I'm not as concerned with autism since the basis for that argument is mostly based on mercury which isn't in vaccines anymore. But, I know a lot of people link it to the MMR combination shot (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) which administers live viruses. Although I've heard they will be bringing back the separate shots in 2011. Decisions, decisions. 


Nichole said...

You worried me for a second! Your first line says you think giving solids young is a good idea! LOL! We also delayed solids. Finn had a taste around 6 months, and by 7 months had one meal a day ish. We didn't really get into solids though until 8 months - which was really nice, we hardly had to mess with purees, he pretty much went straight to table food. Get ready for the backlash - like everything else, you will get a LOT of unwanted advice about giving babies rice cereal (and lots of people like to tell you to put it in a bottle to help them sleep - YUCK!)

Amy and Mark said...

Everyone thinks rice cereal is baby magic! Ha. Luckily Emerson sleeps like a champ and if she is hungry I do the logical thing and feed her more. LOL.