Friday, May 28, 2010

15 months old

Emerson is 15 months now. It just sounds like a much more mature age doesn't it? Not so much baby anymore. Emerson has gone through numerous changes in the last month. Most importantly walking. She is a full time walker, an almost runner plowing through our house. I've been seriously impressed with how stable and balanced she is. I guess that's what happens when you walk with someone's finger for months!As a result of walking she has discovered climbing. Trying to get on top of anything she can. One of my favorite things is if she sees me now she will run over and put her arms around my neck. Oh the love. She also loves to give kisses, especially to babies, and lay her head on top of someone else as a sign of affection. Even the dog gets love! She really enjoys books now and can even say, ''book." She constantly goes over to her chair pulls out a book and sits down to "read." It's so cute but of course she always tries to taste the book as well. Emerson loves to play ball and is constantly calling for one. She can even put the ball in a small basketball goal we have. She's not really into playing with dolls yet instead sticks to a shape sorter or musical toys. Emerson has definitely become a Daddy's girl constantly calling for him during the day and always thinks he is on the other end of the phone. When I tell him she is home she will shake her head back and forth and pant like a dog in excitement. I think she has been observing Mia too much. We just finished up our swim class and she loves the water. We even went to the pool yesterday and she was beyond ecstatic and had a blast splashing around. Her language development has definitely taken off as she will try to repeat a lot of words. Last week she said bowl, puzzle, door, and okay. I just love hearing her sweet voice. She is still a full fledged animal lover and goes crazy to encounter any furry creature. Her hair is growing like a weed and if she would let me put clips in it she wouldn't definitely be sporting some new hair do's. I'm excited for this summer and to see her change and grow. We love you Emerson and the little toddler you are becoming!

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