Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just another manic....everyday

It's been a little "manic" around here lately. To say Emerson has had a rough couple of days would be an understatement. The arrival of first year molars, and perhaps a little bug has been all too much for this little girl to handle.
A fever on Sunday followed by several nights of poor sleeping has left us tired and cranky.
Of course this results in Mommy guilt and feelings of failure. It got me thinking with the coming up of Mother's Day how many women have gone through this. Sleepless nights aren't anything new or specific to just our household. Even though sometimes it can feel like that.
So even though it's been rough I try to focus on that it's not just me, and "this too shall pass." Today I will get rid of my poor me feelings and be thankful for this beautiful baby.

The sweet baby that even kisses her baby.
That scrunches up her nose when she is thrilled.
That gives me sweet looks while turning her head.
The little one who burst in sweet laughter and makes my day.

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Wiz said...

What a precious little girl! Thanks for the comment. My son was born 9 days before your daughter. This year has been a blast huh :)