Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

We enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day together. Mark made me a yummy breakfast then we had brunch at the country club where I stuffed my face with tons of food. Don't worry the brunch was at 1pm so I didn't double up too much. Emerson enjoyed walking all over the place and wore herself out if you can't tell by this picture. By the way Emerson is wearing my dress from when I was little and I thought she looked oh so sweet.
This is our photo from last Mother's Day where she is also wearing my baby outfit! I love this picture so much that Mark and Emerson got me an iphone cover with this picture on it. I was so surprised because I had never seen anything like it. Now I can look back everyday to how tiny my Little E. was on my first Mother's Day. Such a wonderful memory!

Here is part of the brunch crowd. The MIL, Grand-MIL, myself, and tired E.
Our new family picture.

I've pretty given up that we will ever have a picture of all three of us looking at the same time. Well maybe for a few years at least.

Father and daughter enjoying the outdoors. Check out Emerson's new shoes!
This year I'm even more grateful for the gift of motherhood. I've been beyond blessed to be able to take care of Emerson everyday, to see her milestones, and to be called Mama. I love her so much and I'm grateful for this wonderful time with her. It's only been 14 months and I can't imagine my life without her. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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