Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little update

Emerson has been wild this past week. Into everything and she basically thinks she is three.
She keeps trying to walk down the incline of our small yard but she doesn't quite have that kind of balance yet. So she just gently bounces on her head and gets back up. Over and over and over. At least she is persistent!
This girl loves to be outside.
She also loves dog toys. Emerson is obsessed with Mia's tennis ball and thrower. You can see how thrilled she was to have it in her possession.
Apparently found a plastic bag along the way too. So if your toddler is bored look at petsmart for the hottest toy.
"Should I pick it up or leave it?"
This past weekend we went to three parties! We were super busy. But, celebrating is never a bad thing. Although I'm on cake overload. First we had a friend's 30th birthday where I had a moment of bad judgement and gave Emerson a taste of chocolate. To say she liked it is an understatement. She basically went into convulsions when I wouldn't give her more. Not like I gave her much to begin with. Think pin size. Seriously, she is truly Mark's baby. Ha! Next up we went to my Grandma's 81st birthday party. Emerson was sassy and picky. She wanted everything off the food table but only to throw it in the floor! There was a kitten there so it made up for her irritation with my food selections. Apparently celery isn't her favorite. Last we went to my niece Avery's 1st birthday party. Emerson had a blast since it was at her favorite park. Although I think she thought it was her birthday since she tried to take all the presents. She even gave Avery a sweet kiss! Or kisses. She didn't want to stop giving the love! This is toddler language for Happy Birthday. Tomorrow is Emerson will be 15 months old. Friday we have her check-up. I sure hope our Dr. is ready for my monstrous list of questions. "Why doesn't my baby sleep?" "Why won't she eat any food but eat her books?" "Is it normal for her to bite me and laugh?" Oh the fun. Any guesses on her stats. She was 16lbs even 2 months ago. I have not a clue. :)

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