Friday, May 14, 2010

One of those days

I just had one of those days yesterday. The kind where you sorta feel off. First we headed out to Target to get mason jars for some homemade jam. Turns out they were sold out and instead I came home with a massive box of honey nut cheerios, smores goldfish, and a yellow sundress for Emerson. I think she has had too many trips to Target because as we were shopping she kept trying to grab things off the sales rack. Then when I walked away she held her hands out saying, "No, no." This time I made sure I had a cart with a seatbelt after our escape attempt at the last trip. But, alas Emerson is a tiny gal and as I was pushing she stood up and faced forward with her hands raised in the air clapping. Perhaps we should take a shopping safety 101 class. The whole time we were there she kept waving and saying Dada. Apparently it looks like a place where he would be. She doesn't do it anywhere else. Ha! I ended up leaving with nothing I needed and still having to stop for jars. Finally I had to stop at Earthfare for the third time in two days to get the jars I wanted to avoid getting in the first place since I thought they would be elsewhere cheaper. I have a feeling they clerks there think I'm crazy.
We came home and got ready for our Produce Box deliveries. It was nap time and Emerson was not really in the mood to wait around. So nothing else was going to distract her except a trip outside. She literally ran away from me trying to eat every rock and trash in sight.
Finally we got our boxes and I found Emerson opening one and eating lettuce out of it. Unwashed, straight from the farm lettuce. Awesome. After a long afternoon we got back around 4pm. I went to get my hair cut which I was pretty excited about. Apparently everyone thinks I'm 18 because the stylist started talking about how she hated kids and kept asking me about UNC. Ha! I was too tired to correct her and say, "Hey lady, I'm almost 27 and I'm a proud Mama!" Wow, I've had some weird hair stylist interactions this week. I left the salon and my phone completely went black and froze so I couldn't use it. Bizarre! So anyways I'm just out of whack this week. Emerson had another bad night of sleep. I'm so confused since sometimes she will sleep 7 hours at a time then sometimes, like last night, will flip out of if I lay her down. Of course the one night I decide to make strawberry jam she is restless as can be. So picture me holding a baby in one hand, while trying to boil jars with my other hand. This maybe why my left elbow hurts so bad. Haha. Ok I'm done venting. I'm going to try to get out of my pj's now.

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