Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still pregnant

37 weeks

So, I'm still pregnant. I'm constantly getting asked if I have any baby news and that's all I can say, still pregnant. I'm officially a week past how far I went with Ezra. It's hard to get my mind around that I could possibly reach my due date. We deep cleaned the house,  got the dog groomed, put up the tree at Thanksgiving full expecting a baby at any moment. So to say we are twiddling our thumbs at this point is an understatement. I've had weeks of baby coming signs all to point to nothing happening. 

39 weeks
 You can see from my 37 week to 39 week picture that the baby is lower and I definitely feel that. I'm uncomfortable pretty much all the time. Not in the I'm pregnant and huge kind of way but literally in pain all the time. So contrary to the other two babes I'm really ready for a baby.
Just for comparison. Ezra in utero right before he was born.  This will definitely be our biggest baby yet! Now I'm on the fence whether it's a boy or girl. Which is more stubborn? If you are listening, come out little baby. Preferably before Christmas. 

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