Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Bump

So I figured I would post some baby bump pictures before I forgot. Just an fyi I actually weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy with Emerson. But, of course all my muscles are stretched out from ahem....Emerson, and things are showing a lot sooner than last time. I still weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight with Emerson but I'm already popping out of my clothes. Not really sure how that works out, but I've started wearing quite a bit maternity shirts and making a last attempt to wear my regular pants this week. I didn't wear maternity pants with E. until about 24 weeks. Not sure if that was because I didn't need to or because I was stubborn. :)
So here is my first picture. 7 weeks...seriously!

 Self portrait at 10 weeks, bloating subsiding a bit.
11.5 weeks. If you don't see a difference you might need your eyes checked.

For a point of reference here is Emerson in the oven at 7 weeks..

and 12 weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm already bigger now than I was at 16 weeks with her. Overall I'm starting to move into the feeling good stage of pregnancy. So far this has been quite different than with Emerson. With her I had a terrible couple weeks of morning sickness where I could only graze on food but felt better by week 9. This go around I've had killer heartburn/indigestion starting around the time I had terrible morning sickness with E. But, I've also had the nausea but it's been spread out and last longer. The worst week so far was week 10 and I even had some moments of nausea a couple days ago. It's really crazy how different it has been so I have no idea what to expect. I went in for a heartbeat check last week and was ecstatic to hear the heartbeat at just 11 weeks. 180bpm! I'll get a chance to hear it next week at my monthly check-up. We should find out the sex sometime in mid November and I can't wait! I'm not making any prediction as I was completely wrong last time. Which could mean I should just pick the opposite of my instinct. But, hopefully blogging will help me to stay on top of belly pics and keeping track of this pregnancy. Oh! My due date is April 20th. Spring baby. :)


Brittany said...

So cute! I definitely showed sooner too, but wasn't any bigger in the end, I guess it all evens out! I'm predicting boy for you, and what a wonderful due date, it's my birthday! :) I really hope I can have a spring baby for the next one, seems like the perfect time! :)

Nichole said...

Congrats again :) Love the belly shots, and I too have to agree, this time has been ridiculous compared to last time. I look 5 months pregnant - which I am definitely NOT, LOL!

Lauren said...

Hey... I am so happy for you guys! That will be fun having a spring baby. You look great:)