Wednesday, August 27, 2008

12 Weeks~little plum

Today I'm 12 weeks so here are my baby bump pics. The baby is about the size of a plum and all the vital organs are formed and will go through fine tuning during the next 28 weeks. I don't really see much difference in the past two weeks but I guess it's fun to document. If anything I think I look smaller since the bloating is going down. Maybe in a few weeks! It is strange to have a child the size a plum in there but no real impact. Good news this week I have been accepted as a patient at The Birth Center in Chapel Hill. Very natural, holistic, hippy, and I love it! I'm off to the beach this w.e. to wear a bikini for probably one of the last times for awhile. :)


niclupton said...

Amy! Congrats!!! I had no idea you were pregnant! Enjoy every moment and take lots of pictures!

niclupton said...

And congrats on the birth center - We did Bradley method, used a midwife, and went all natural - you won't regret it!