Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

So I'm finally updating after a long absence. We had our big ultrasound this past Friday and we are thrilled to be having a little girl. At first we were a little nervous since she had her legs properly crossed. But eventually she wiggled so we could see. So my mother's intuition is completely crap as I w
as sure it was a boy. I even insisted the u/s check repeatedly for hidden boy parts. She said from all angles and 15 views it's definitely a girl. Also our little one
 appears to be quite flexible with her legs wrapped up around her head. Overall in was very exciting and she is healthy and right on schedule. I have a couple videos I'll post once I can figure out how to do it on youtube. Not Positive on this but the one on the bottom I think this is her head, arms, and legs. She's all balled up. The other one is the baby profile with head, spine, and legs.    19 week belly pics below.

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