Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weekend Round Up

We had a busy weekend. Emerson and I headed to the farm. The farm that supplies the produce for the company I work for had a farm day. So we traveled about an hour east to check it out. The farm supplies produce for about 2000 families each week. Wow! I snapped a few pictures here and there.
I love all the rust! I think some people thought I was crazy for taking a picture of it.
Chicken Coop

I don't think Emerson trusted those chickens too much.

The farm prepared us lunch. A pig pickin with lots of fresh veggies, and homemade ice cream. It was delicious. Soon after lunch Emerson was through. It was very very hot and humid. So she was as a trooper to hang in that long. I even snuck a bow in her hair without her noticing. She was dripping sweat so I had to do something.
Sunday we headed to Mark's parents to celebrate his Dad's birthday. Emerson was thrilled to sit in her own little chair.
She has gotten very into furniture. In her size of course.
She had to tell me all about it. What a mess!
After this long, hot weekend Emerson needed to have a rest. Whatever works!

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BROOKE said...

love the little chair! and i love the picture of Emerson laying on the floor!!!